LaRouche’s Presence at the DNC Convention

What good is this blog if I don’t keep the reader abreast of the latest movements of the Lyndon LaRouche campaign?

What is it that they are singing?

Entertainment was provided by a group of Lyndon LaRouche supporters. About 30 of them arrived with posters sporting messages like “Will Cheney postpone the election?” and “Future generations will want an open convention.” The LaRouchies then started to sing songs. From a distance, the songs sounded like Russian choral work, actually quite pretty. But as the protesters approached us, the tone of the singing started to remind me of Maoist martial parade songs. “La-Rouche, La-Rouche,” they sang, practically stealing the “Marchons, Marchons!” refrain from La Marseillaise.


Seemingly immortal presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche’s youth followers are upset that they’re having to stay in youth hostels. At a Democratic National Convention Committee briefing Sunday, a young man stood up during the Q&A session and asked Democratic Party Chairman Terry McAuliffe why the DNC had canceled contracts for the LaRouche Youth Movement’s hotel rooms.

McAuliffe said he had no idea what the guy was talking about, but the young man pressed further, accusing the DNC of colluding with the Homeland Security Department to squelch criticism of Vice President Cheney, who, according to the Youth Movement’s press release, is one of “LaRouche’s leading enemies.” (The release goes on to note that “McAuliffe is aware, of course, that, if Cheney were to be removed before or during the Democratic convention, all the credit would go to LaRouche.”)

After listening long enough to the tirade, McAuliffe finally said, “I think Dick Cheney was behind the cancellation of your rooms.”

Hm. Well, here’s the LaRouche side of the story. I’m still wrapping my mind around the idea of if Cheney were to be removed before or during the Democratic convention, all the credit would go to LaRouche.

It looks like LaRouche is pleased with Terry McAuliffe’s statement:

And, today, in what I think was a very significant occurrence—and I think that it’s actually good, that Terry McAuliffe had finally adopted a fighting stance, and I applaud him for doing one good thing: But, today, in a public statement, Terry McAuliffe said, that he was not responsible—not responsible—for locking the LaRouche Youth Movement out, that he was not responsible for the cancellation of the contracts. And when he was pushed on it, he said, “I think Dick Cheney did it.” And therefore, we will, in fact, issue a press release—the press release is being written right now—saying that the Democratic National Committee Chairman has accused Vice President Dick Cheney of cancelling the contract!

It’s tough being a member of the LaRouche Youth Squad. Constantly picked on by the man. Having to stay in Hostels. And even in the event that LaRouche gains a few delegates during the primary, the results are voided anyways.

Okay. Enough of LaRouche. Later I’ll blog out the convention schedule for Michael Dukakis.

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