Senators Lieberman and Kyl Re-Launch Lying Propaganda Institute

The Committee on Present Danger is in DA HOUSE!!!.

I want to vomit.

It was the 1970s. The US public had suddenly soured on the idea of engaging their nation in confusing wars that only tangeantly at best had anything to do with our national security against against nationalistic guerilla warriors. Somebody, anybody, needed to step in to defeat this “Vietnam Syndrome” problem. But, who would step in?

The Committee on the Present Danger was first formed at the dawn of the Cold War in 1950 to educate Americans about the growing threat of Soviet communism. Democratic senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson of Washington state revitalized the group in the mid-’70s; this time it was focused on working for a stronger stance toward the Soviets and the increased defense spending necessary to carry out that policy.

Meanwhile, the threat assessments of the Soviet Union didn’t seem to be… terrifying enough anymore. There was a problem with this intelligence! We needed an organization within the CIA to come forward and alarm the public about a Soviet Union that was bigger and badder than ever… unfortunately, an unsympathetic president — Jimmy Carter of his first two years, wasn’t taking heed on this extra-curricular intelligence. Why, if the president isn’t going to sound the alarms and alert us to the need for a massive military build-up, I guess it’s up to the Committee on Present Danger!!

The leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties have so far stood firm in their commitment to finish the job in Iraq and to fight to victory the war on terrorism. But that bipartisan consensus is coming under growing public pressure and could fray in the months ahead. Although the tide is turning in the war on terrorism, a political undertow in this country could wash out our recent gains. We must not let this happen.

Uh oh. The public may decide to rebuke the war with Iraq, and have difficulty fitting it into a sensical “War Against Terrorism”. We can not afford to let that happen. Better organize a bi-partisan support group so that the public won’t be able to make that mistake!

Your membership list for The Committee of Present Danger:

Senator Jon Kyl
Senator Joseph Lieberman
James Woolsey
Laurie Mylroie, Ph.D. (hee hee hee hee! )*
Norman Podhoretz

And a bunch of other assholes.

* The CIA underplays the threat posed by Saddam Hussein, Saddam Hussein was Behind 9/11, and, circa 1991, hastily written book on how Saddam Hussein is the Reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, whiplash over our previous stance notwithstanding… co-written by top-notch NY Times journatlist… Judith Miller!

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