Amish Rake Fight

After reading about Bush’s play for the Amish vote here, I’m left wondering what the historical Amish vote trendlines look like.

There aren’t a whole lot of Amish political blogs out there, though I’m left pondering what Amish use

If I had to, I’d look up the specific counties of Pennsylvania and Ohio where the Amish congregate, to try to detect if there’s a blue or red streak in what’d surely be Republican (rural) counties. Otherwise, here’s Ralph W. Loew getting out the Amish vote for a local hospital during the Great Depression-era.

It looks definite that the population of the Amish who vote for national office are significantly lower than the overall population. Other than that, who knows?

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  1. Jeff Says:

    The host of the Seattle public access show, “Courtney Love Murdered Kurt Cobain” (or something to that effect) ran for City Council a few years ago. A friend of mine ran into him at an underground club. He told her he was at the bar to campaign. He was reaching out to the goth vote, he said — a voting block that he felt was being neglected by the other candidates.

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