Of interest to roughly nobody is an old book of BASIC computer game programs, circa 1984, that you type in (all 380 lines of) and… I suppose play.

Here’s some code for “Presidential Campaign”:

1890 PRINT “You have been found guilty and you”:PRINT “lose”; INT (100/(G-F)); #% of your support”:
1900 PRINT “You have been found guilty and thrown”:PRINT “in the federal penitentary at”:PRINT “LEavenworth, Kansas for twenty years.”:END

1950 PRINT “You have been found innocent.:GOTO 2370

Somewhere in this batch, I would have to add something to the effect of:

1960 PRINT “You have been found guilty, but have successfully spun out a scenario on the talking heads shows garners you “; INT (100/(G-F)); #% of your opponent’s support”

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