Variation of a Theme

Some scam spam, derived from the old Nigerian millionaire exile, specifically tied to a recent development in international politics:


We have obviously not met and as such you may be astonished to
receive this mail. I am Mrs Jewel Taylor, the wife of the embattled
President of Liberia,

Charles Taylor. Following the offer of a Political asylum to my husband
by the Nigerian

Government, we arrived here in Abuja on the 11th of August, 2003.

My husband is now in Calabar in the south eastern part of Nigeria while
I, and the rest of the

family are in an undisclosed location here in Abuja. The reasons why I
here is to assist in

the protection of my husband’s scattered and battered investment as
as liaise with the

New Home Interim Government, now lead by Moses Blar and the

especially the West African Sub-regional Governments.

Due to the hurried way and manner that characterized my
husband’s exit from office.And coupled with the effect of the on going
war, the activities of

the rebels and the continuous seizure of my husband’s assets in the
world especially

in Swiss where over $150m bank investments has been confiscated. I then
carefully concealed

the sum of $45,000,000.00 (forty five million US Dollars) Which were
and packaged in

two (2) boxes and the boxes are presently being kept with a Security
House as Family

Treasure and the certificate of Deposit of the Treasures is in our
,We are appealing

for urgent assistance to move the fund to your country/private or
bank account or

any country where you believe the fund will be safe for investment.

The two boxes containing the above sum in cash were moved out of
Liberia a few days ago. The security firm has confirmed the safe
of the boxes. The

certificate of deposit issued by the firm is now with me. The content
the boxes are unknown

to anyone with the exception of the two of us. The boxes were moved
being marked as

diplomatic cargos. In such a way that no customs will query the cargo.

The reason that I write to you now is to request for your in- dept
in claiming this

cargoes from the Security firms affiliate offices in europe,u.a.e and
. Once you have

declared your intension to help my family with this. I will send you a
of attorney, the

certificate of deposit and also the address and contact phone and fax
of the company.

You will be well rewarded for doing our family this favour. 35% will be
yours while 5% will be

sent aside for all possible expenses that may have been incurred in the
course of the claims.

The rest 60% will be left for the entire family for nvestment through
guide in your country.

Since my movement is restricted by political law of asylum. You will be
introduced to a friend

and attorney of the family who is presently based in here to assist
He is incidentally our

family attorney in this country. He is Barrister Bayo Benson,his emails
address will be sent to

you as soon as you comply to my email.

I will like to stop so far while hoping to hear from you as soon as it
possible. Like I said

earlier, you should understand that someone enjoying political asylum
another man’s

country is legally bound from any form of economic transaction. This
this ransaction

very confidential. Please, if you can work with me you must keep my
Moreover, the

family has given you full trust and it will be expected that you will
let us down.


Yours truly,
JEWEL TAYLOR.(For the family)

Who comes us up with this stuff?

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