Kerry Drops In Part Two

I. So we have the anti-Bush sign (and t-shirt) slogan:

(or, in some cases the sanitized: BU**SH**.

I must say that the anti-Kerry counterpart is… lame.


II. (leader) “Hey! I’m running for president in 2020. That’s when I become eligible for the first time”
(me): “Hm. Need to get a headstart, I guess. Are you running against Jeanna Bush?”
(his partner): “George Bush’s daughter.”
(leader): Oh. Clever, but… no, that’s not my gimmick. See… I plan on cleaning up the street personally.
(me): Okay.
(leader): the Irish way. Right out of the pub… See, I’m Irish American, and I’ll just (shows his fist)… get rid of the prisons and roll ’em out like this.
(me): Ah… Move us right to the Law of the Jungle.
(leader): Right. You’re a Scott, right?
(me): Right.
(leader): My running mate, over there, he’s a Scott too.
(partner): Hi.
(me): Ah. So, you’ve got the Scottish vote and the Irish vote cornered.
(leader): Yep! On to victory!
(me): Kind of like how Dukakis had the Greek vote cornered…
(leader): Huh?
(me): Never mind.

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