Final Solutions

First post April Fools Post (I managed to botch it anyways):

Say what?.

O’REILLY: I don’t care about the – colonel, I don’t care about the people of Fallujah. You’re not going to win their hearts and minds. They’re going to kill you to the very end. They’ve proven that. So let’s knock this place down.

COWAN: Let’s get out of the way and let Iraqis knock it down, so we don’t lose any more American lives.

O’REILLY: I don’t believe – I absolutely don’t believe they can do it. General, how do you see it?

VALLELY: Well, we’ve got to do it together. We’ve go to do it quickly. We’ve got to sanitize that whole city. And keep in mind, Bill, you set an example when you go in there to do that. And when do you that, you get respect. And that’s why you go to be tough.

O’REILLY: All right, general, is there any.


O’REILLY: .you know it, the colonel knows it. The colonel and I are disagreeing on the tactics, but we know what the final solution should be. Why hasn’t the U.S. command done this? And why do they continue to absorb the level of terror that is coming out of — this isn’t a big town. We’re not talking about Cincinnati here. Right? It’s not a big town?

Thomas Friedman, late last summer or early last Fall, advocated “re-invading the Sunni Triangle.” Which the US (er… “Coalition Forces”) did. Now I guess we’d have to “re-re-invade” Fallujah.

Or perhaps Destroy that city in order to save it.

Or… er… “Sanitize” the city?

I’m thinking that mayber the term “final solution” has a proud legacy, that was only tarnished a bit by Adolf Hitler. Maybe the term is due for a comeback.

Stick. Beehive. Stick to Beehive.

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