Kerry on the Dick Cavett Show on C-SPAN

As far as I can tell, John Kerry has had two interesting moments in his more or less staid political career. No less; no more. His 1972 stint at the head of “Vietnam Vets Against the War”, and a prosecutorial stint getting the ball rolling on Iran-Contra.

This last weekend, C-SPAN aired a 1972 broadcast of with him debating the head spokesman for “Vietnam Veterans For A Just Peace” (euphemism for “Vietnam Veterans for the War”) on the Dick Cavett Show.

They’ll show it again. They’ve probably shown it before.

I suppose I might’ve gotten more out of the airing if it were not for the boorish friend of my roommate, who sat down saying “This is b-s”, “f#ing John Kerry, man!” and “This is stupid… they just keep saying the same sh## over and over again.”

But never mind — I disgress. I’m a little weird anyway. I’m boorish in my own way…

I’m not sure if I can say that I saw anything transferrable to our current political scene, even if it did feed a history-jonsing of sorts. Kerry either had an idealism that he’s since lost to career politics, or he was setting his political future. (Note that Gary Tradeau weighed in with his opinion.) Whichever one, the young Kerry was an impressive young speaker.

And the other figure managed to sneak in some “America Right or Wrong” “Support the Troops” rhetoric in his debate. Rhetoric that was easily enough smashed.

Maybe my roommate’s friend was right, and watching this was b-s… watching the same old sh$$ coming at us again and again…

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