Deborah Deborah Quotes America’s NewSource.

Deborah Norville’s Friday, March 12 show on MSNBC:
NORVILLE: Finally tonight, if you were watching the show earlier this week, you heard Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson encourage Americans to work out and watch what they eat.

Good advice, because it turns out most Americans are watching their workouts.

Yes, according to a new study by Thompson’s department, 58 percent of all the exercise done in America is broadcast on television. For instance, of the 3.5 billion sit-ups done during 2003, two million, 30,000 of them were on exercise shows on Lifetime or one of the ESPN channels. Put it another way, according to the study, 99 percent of the time that someone is using one of those Soloflex machines, it’s when it’s being broadcast on one of those late-night commercials.

I guess the secretary knew what he was talking about when he recommended most of us begin an exercise program by walking. It might be all most of us are able to do.

Thanks for watching. I’m Deborah Norville.

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