Ahrnold for President

Arnold Schwarzenegger, on the Orin Hatch proposed-Amendment that would allow a foreign born citizen to run for president. : “There are so many people in this country that are now from overseas, that are immigrants, that are doing such a terrific job with their work, bringing businesses here, that there’s no reason why not. The key thing is you understand the political system and how it works. Look at the kind of contribution that people like Henry Kissinger have made. Madeleine Albright,”

Orin Hatch, Senator from the great state of Utah, on his proposed Constitutional Amendment: “If Arnold Schwarzenegger turns out to be the greatest governor of California, which I hope he will, if he turns out to be a tremendous leader and he proves to everybody in this country that he’s totally dedicated to this country as an American . . . we would be wrong not to give him that opportunity,”

For their parts, hefty figures of the Democratic party (including Bob Graham) endorse this proposed amendment, because it would allow a shining light from the 2002 election — Canadian born Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm, to run for president.

Here’s the problem with an Arnold Schwarzeggar — Jennifer Granholm matchup: Arnold would win. Assuming he doesn’t rape a boy during his tenure as California governor. Granholm could be the greatest governor in the world, and Arnold would still parlay his Jay Leno appearances, a multitude of cable television Schwarzeggar movie marathons, and a handy list of movie catchphrases into a successful presidential landslide. (Heck, he did it in California!)

So…. I’d support that Constitutional Amendment. IF it included a clause that kept action-movie stars from the office.

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