This is an attempt to find some clever catchphrase that Arnold Schwarzenegger, or the media, can use in his high profile race for the gubernatorial race ... from whatever moives we can come up with here. Pumping Iron: "I'm gonna pump up Sacramento!"

Hercules in New York. Should there be a debate where someone accues him of lacking experience, he could just reuse this sequence: (I dunno... Arianna Huffington?): You could do great harm. Hercu-- Arnold: Ahm To Oom?

Conan the Barbarian Yes! You know what it is don't you boy. Shall I tell you? It's the least I can do. Steel isn't strong boy, flesh is stronger!Look around you. There, on the rocks; that beautiful girl. Come to me my child... That is strength boy! That is power! What is steel compared to the hand that wields it? Look at the strength in your body, the desire in your heart, I gave you this! Such a waste. Contemplate this on the tree of woe. Crucify him! (Think about it...)

Conan the Destroyer I've... got nothing.

The Terminator We've already seen He's gonna Terminate Gray Davis Should he lose, he will say at his concession speech "I'll be back." And, we have already seen The Gubernator (for what reason, I'm not altogether sure.).

Red Sonja Defiantly: If you yield only to a conqueror, or someone who can balance California's budget crisis, prepare to be conquered Gray Davis

Commando Watch Arnold Commando his way into the Governor's mansion. Nah. Looking over the "memorable quotes", we have "Let's take Cookie's (alter it to "Gray's" car. He won't be needing it.

Raw Dea I've... got nothing.

Predator Theoretically, someone can pose the question for a roundtable meeting of pundits Arnold: California's Saviour or Predator? But, for more specifics on solving the budget crisis, and a way to reach out to his rightward critics: "If it bleeds, we can kill it.

The Running Man. No comment necessary. He is The Running Man Still, after winning the race, and recalling Davis "He had to split. And...

Red Heat He's putting the Red Heat on California politics as usual? No, that won't work. Um... okay: two points if Arnold actually finds a way of saying "I do not want to touch his ass. I want to make him talk!"


Total Recall The 24 hour news networks practically have that scorched on the bottom of their screen.

Kidnergarten Cop Well, given that his prior campaign experience was pushing an iniative for after-school programs... um. Hm. On some swelling problem or other: "It's not a tumor!"

Terminator II: Judgement Day First, we can call the day of the election Judgement Day And beyond that... "Hasta La Vista, Davis!" "Davis has been terminated."

Last Action Hero He's the "Last Action Hero"... or something. Wasn't this the film that seemed to destroy his career for a time?

True Lies "You're fired and...

Junior ugh.

Eraser. You see... that's what he's gonna do to Gray Davis! Why, this stuff writes itself!!!

Jingle All the Way. He's gonna JINGLE ALL THE WAY to the governor's mansion!

Batman and Robin Okay... At a debate, he can say "Ice to meet you"-- I'm sure he'll receive a big laugh.

End of Days It's the End of Days for Gray Davis! or something to the effect. Work with me here.

Collateral Damage It remains to be seen what Collateral Damage this Recall haves on the politics of the rest of the country.

Terminator III: Rise of the Machine The "memorable quotes" seem to all be derived for TI and TII. SO there's no point.