Log Cabin Republicans SHOCKED, I tell you, SHOCKED

From the Pre-eminent Gay Republican Organization.

“As conservative Republicans, we are outraged that any Republican—particularly the leader of our party and this nation—would support any effort to use our sacred United States Constitution as a way of scoring political points in an election year,” Guerriero said.


Today the President has embraced an amendment that is the product of the radical right. They have mastered the art of gay-bashing after decades of practice. Log Cabin bases our opposition to this anti-family amendment on the principles of American freedom outlined in our Constitution. History will not look back kindly on this assault of our Constitution,” continued Guerriero.

No matter what happens in the coming months, Log Cabin will stay in the GOP and fight—fight for fairness, liberty and equality. Hundreds of Log Cabin leaders will gather in California this April for our largest national convention ever. And in August, Log Cabin will have a strong presence in New York for the GOP’s 2004 national convention. We will mobilize all our resources and grassroots strength to fight this anti-family Constitutional amendment.


Yes. The Bush Administration is going to heed the rumbling sound of the powerful gay Republican lobby. Yes.




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