an email response from Eldon Orr, for your consideration before further pursual.:

Greetings, whoever you are.
My name is Eldon Orr and for some reason you have an untitled webpage about/against me with the following address:  http://www.struat.com/justin/wireldon.html
As I recall, it was a fellow who called himself Howie that authored the page above that you now provide webspace for, (is "andiestablish" you , "Howie"?)
Anyway, just wanted to tell you that my quotes are taken out of the context of the conversations they were originally contained in, but nevertheless I pretty much still stand for everything I wrote. My wife tells me that several of her online friends have refused to visit our home because of your webpage against me and for that I must need THANK YOU! 
However a couple of flakey women have slipped past your propaganda promoting my offensive but Scriptural commentary to visit our home anyway... so perhaps you can step it up a bit?
Since the quotes are all pretty dated anyway, why not link to my latest work consolodating Islam with Biblical Christianity:  http://www.scribd.com/full/2083966?access_key=key-1yj6z840s5pp7aw6pakx
available also in paperback form at: http://stores.lulu.com/store.php?fAcctID=1099918
You could just footnote the page you already have or top it off with a headliner: THIS GUY IS A MUSLIM NOW!  That would probably help to stop any more flakey women from visiting us...
with thanks in advance for your continued help and disdain,
eldon orr


because it's equally amusing and horrifying to see their belief system in action
FREEDOMOFSPEECH and Week In Review Presents
a selection of quotes that will more properly explain who this person is:
Eldon Orr

He somehow manages to embody the worst elements  of fundamentalist Christianity, Islam, rural culture, Confederate pride, anti-government idealogy, pro-government tyranny, conspracy theorist... without embuing any of the redeeming qualities of the items from this list.

Eldon's words are in green, others' words -- to which he responds to-- are in white or gray.

I:  Women's Role

January 12, 2000 "A fool's mouth calleth for strokes" Proverbs 18:6
Your husband is therefore authorized to smash your teeth for you.
(Odd that you should choose the name "Guess Who" as the author
of your contentious piddle. Obviously you are an "American Woman", like those Burton Cummings so rightly condemned.)

April 5, 2000: I only noted once that Scripture states that a fool's mouth calls for strokes, which is the cause of many instances of spousal abuse.
The specific context of that remark was that I was warning a woman who had made several foolish remarks in public to men of God, that her husband was thereby authorized to smash her teeth for her.
My words are not to be taken literally in every instance: the husband should be able to show his wife correct speech and proper behaviour without resorting to violence.
Physical force is justified only when there is no other way to resolve a crisis situation, such as hysteria, rage, or other forms of insanity involved. Even a woman-worshipper like you can admit that women are sometimes affected by such things.
ignorance is a common human malady among males and females, especially when women are set up as instructors as per your statement above. It is the man that is ultimately held responsible for his wife's actions, and therefore it is his duty to set his home in order.
the man's choice in marriage only heightens his responsibility to instruct his wife according to the Scriptures. I suspect you have internal parasites because of your lack of sound judgement: how do you deduce that a Jezebel is someone who respects herself?

January 12, 2000: (*****Excuse me for responding here, but don't let your imagination run away with you... Christians don't go around beating their wives. I understand your perspective, but you have jumped to a WRONG conclusion.
: My Stepfather had the christian religion background. I grew up seeing violence and heard attitudes like what read here and above. I hear Rev. Jed Smocks talks like that.
*****I don't know about your stepfather, sounds like a hypocrite from your description, but Jed Smock is a perfect gentleman to his wife and others.
: The attitude was womejn are servants who better not challenge me, God wants it like that. When he saw an intelligent, independent strong woman he' mock her and swear her husband was just too wimpy to knock her into her place. That is like it was with negros slave.
*****Biblical wives are obedient to their husbands, who are likewise obedient to the LORD, that is the only way there can be order in the home. There is no such thing as "an intelligent, independent (married) strong woman": if they are intelligent, they are NOT independent, but are dependent on God and their husbands to lead them through life. If a Christian woman doesn't WANT to revere and obey her husband, it is impossible to "knock her into her place". (I think you have watched too many television shows about what is was really like with the negro slaves, as well as TV erroneous depictions of what married life is supposed to be like.)
: He believed women were just to use for sex, breeding and service and women did not deserve rights, to punish women.
: I my home the men were sexist and my mother ended up an alcoholic. I saw her so bad drunk years later, she sat in her mess till we cleaned her up.
*****Bearing children is a great honor for a woman and does fulfill her prime-ultimate purpose in life, and the LORD made sex so attractive to men for exactly this reason. It is a woman's right to marry and have children, it is not her right to whore around and abort her offspring, nor make herself a drunkard-- no matter what may have happened to her. I'm sorry to hear of your mother's sad story, but that was not the result of any real Christianity.
: Everytime I read the attiudes on this site, it hurts. It opens up old wounds. Each day my mind goes back to haering somebody cry from getting beat with the stick or belt. That sound of a SCREAM or yelp never leaves you. If you ever heard anybody yelp in pain, wehn you are upstrais in your bed and down in the living room were the sound of blows and screams. It is awful to be helpless.
*****Those do sound like horrible memories, assuming it was your mother being beaten, and not rebellious children. If there was real abuse of your mother going on, you or your brothers and sisters should have done whatever was necessary to stop it.
: I hate to see grown women helpless and subjgated.
: My nightmares won't stop.
: I was terrified to marry and never wanted to do it or have children. Ever. I cringe when somebody, especially male, tries to touch me. I don't want there affection.
: I am like a Turtle - pulls into its shell to avoid pain. I prefer women doctor. I never trusted human males and that is wrong but I always fear sexist insults. That feels like being choked.
*****again, grown women AREN'T helpless and subjigated, but your nightmares WILL stop, when you repent of clinging to these ungodly attitudes you just mentioned. The LORD is well able to renew your mind and make you an affectionate, loving wife and mother. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by sexist insults, vulgar remarks are uncalled for, of course, but that term "sexist" is basically a lesbian/wimp buzzword.
: I would never hurt a man. Don't think I ever have.
*****you'll sure hurt the man you marry (married), if you don't seek the LORD with all your heart and get regenerated unto natural affection.
: I don't know what to make of the Chrisitan religion. It is supposes to save and make you a good kind person, but that is not what I see happening. Especially with so many men who say theya re Christian then hurt women. Some are post on this board.
*****The Christian religion DOES save and make you a good kind person, able to judge right from wrong and live accordingly. You are way out of line to assume that any Christian here or elsewhere "hurts women".
(: Thank you for readaing. If I get yelled at one more won't matter.)
*****Hope you don't think I "yelled at" you. Your background is much like my wife's, she was a real nightmare when we first married, but is now a joyful mother of four sons (with another on the way) and a loving wife. I pray that your life will so be blessed.

April 6, 2000: ******* contempt for wicked women cannot wholeheartedly be maintained in the face of womanish men who excuse them like you do, you are twofold more the child of hell than they! For your info, I have only one wife who is not my victim, but my loving servant whom I cherish as well.

June 12, 2000 ******* if the poor woman wants to avoid pregnancy #4 she should stay away from the type of jerk who sired pregnancies # 1, 2, & 3 and left her to raise by herself. A woman does not have the right to fornicate, anymore than she has the right to abort a child conceived in her womb.

(whereas a woman committed to her own personal ambitions and who achieves them by just avoiding MEN, but who can afford to give a bit to charity, will be welcome at the pearly gates? Somehow that just doesn't make sense to me.)
******* it doesn't make sense to you because that selfish woman who avoided having children will be in hell right alongside the selfish women who killed their babies in the womb.


July 13, 2000

******* since children are a blessing from God, those who wish to have His blessings should seek to have children. The lack of this passion is what has decreased and spoiled the present generation of youth.

******* there are many ways to glorify God, but there is nothing like raising your own offspring in His image. It is a wonderful blessing and honor that all should seek to attain as much as possible, any other attitude about children is satanic.
I believe any form of birth control is evil-- from passively ignoring the twinkle in your spouse's eye to more active avoidance of conception.
I stand along with thousands of other witnesses to proclaim that God will give you means to provide for the children He gives you.
Our responsibility is to receive His blessings and rejoice in Him with them.

Arrowheads for Jesus:  I only have 5 arrows so far, but am hoping to fill a jumbo quiver.

July 19, 2000
******* I never meant to imply that ONLY the women who had abortions should be catapulted into the Grand Canyon... any man who committed, approved of, or condoned the abortion should likewise be disposed of.

July 23, 2000: burn the witches, now and forever!
 The witch hunts are not over with by any means!
The Bible says rebellion is as the sin of witchraft: when the Lord Jesus returns, all those who rebelled against His Word-- male and female-- will be rounded up and burned.
Let the overt witches and rebels tremble, and the ignorant witches and rebels repent.

June 24, 2000:  (after quoting Deuteronomy 22:23-27)   By these verses the Bible teaches that it is better that a woman die than allow herself to be raped, and that she should die if she doesn't cry out against being raped. Shame on all of you who refuse Yah's righteous standards because of your own ignorance.

June 26, 2000:   everyone knows a woman's life is threatened if she should cry out against anyone attempting to rape her. That is why I conclude that the Bible teaches that it is better for a woman to die (at the hands of the rapist) than to allow herself to be raped.
Rape should be such a horror to a woman that she should prefer to die, rather than allow it to happen.
Since you can't seem to understand my reasoning, I'll go through it step by step:
1. A man who is attempting rape is very desperate and cruel, and is liable to kill his intended victim if she screams or otherwise resists.
2. The scripture says if the woman doesn't cry out for help when someone is attempting to rape her, that she should be stoned as well as the rapist.
3. Since Yahweh, who gave this commandment, is a lot smarter than us and He knows that crying out is liable to get the woman killed, YET HE STILL SAID THAT IF THE WOMAN DIDN'T CRY OUT, SHE SHOULD BE PUT TO DEATH HERSELF...
4. Then it is logical to conclude that He thinks that EVEN IF the rapist kills her for crying out, it would be better for her to die at his hands than for her to silently submit to being raped.
I apologize if that's still over your head; maybe you could go back and read my original words in context this time, that often helps.
I know it is hard for people in our day and age to understand how Yah wants women to hate the thought of being raped so much that they'd rather die before allowing it to happen.
With so many lewdly dressed women walking around these days just begging for some jerk to rape them, the concepts of modesty and purity are foreign to society's thinking.

June 28, 2000 NO, I don't assume that ONLY women who dress lewdly get raped, just that the lewd ones are the only women who are asking for it.


July 4, 2000: according to verses 22 & 23 at least the place she sat upon is unclean, if not the whole sofa.
Anyone concerned with following the Bible's instructions in this matter should avoid sitting or touching anything whereon the unclean person sat.
(what if you only have one toilet?)  you should wash the toilet seat, or use other facilities. If one is living rurally as the Bible commends (Isaiah 5: , it is an easy matter to set up an outdoor restroom.
(Do some religion isolate woman to another apartment building until she becomes again clean?)  I have heard of people who built separate living quarters for the women of the household to use during these times.

I'm sure most people who read this will think it is awful strange for God to command such things, and even stranger for any modern person to even consider following these commandments.
However, Yahweh has very good reasons for all that He commands and it is in our best interests to obey Him in everything. He said, Be ye Holy as I am Holy.

(What do you do when your wife is "unclean"?)   ******* I do what the Bible says to do.
(How does this affect your living arrangement?)   ******* not adversely.
(Who cares for your sons during this time?)  ******* we all do.
(Do you assume child care duties?)   ******* no more than usual.

(Is there a separate seating area in your church for "unclean" women? ******* no, but people generally sit in the same place for every service, which effectively lessens the likelihood of uncleanness being transferred.
(Are female members of your church expected to publicize their menstrual cycles by segregating themselves? ******* no

You become just as unclean as I, if you sit where a menstruating woman sat, even if you don't believe it.
******* just for the record, I don't do business with H&R Block, banks, the IRS, acupuncturists, or movie theaters. I understand your point about inadvertantly sitting where an unclean woman sat, but it's not like permanent disfigurement!-- you're only unclean til evening, you just have to bathe and wash your clothes, which I do regularly anyway.
Still, it's best to avoid any contact with all sorts of uncleanness, as much as possible. Soon all people will realize that.

July 5, 2000: Leviticus chapter 12 prescribes 40 days after the birth of a male child and 80 days after the birth of a female in which the mother is to continue in her separation until she is purified.

Again, there is no "power trip" to all this, Yah is concerned enough to instruct humanity about what is best for them all, but you lunkheads want to argue with Him, as if you know better!

July 6, 2000:  menstruation is a natural body function, nothing to be ashamed of. Yet we should exercise caution about natural body functions so as not to make our homes unclean by them.

I don't know Randy Weaver, but I'm sure he provided separate living quarters for his daughter and wife in concern for Biblical cleanliness, not with the idea of shaming them in banishment.

July 7, 2000:  Leviticus 12 says nothing about the woman being punished, or going into hiding, or girls being lowly, you are reading your sexist mentality into the Scriptures.

Everything the LORD commands is for the GOOD of those whom He commands, if you will just take hold of that foundational principle, your objections to the Law of Yahweh will vanish... along with your ugly mocking persona, hopefully.

The LORD commanded a more lengthy time of separation after the bearing of a female child in order for the mother to recover from the more strenuous task of conceiving and bringing forth a daughter.

Now (again) you are at odds with the Author of Scripture, accusing Him of sexist superstition.

("teach caution" of what? You think someone will mistake a used pad for a jelly roll? Give me a break! )
******* you'll get no breaks from me! you are not only an enemy of God, you are a GROSS enemy of God.
The caution I recommend relates to keeping ourselves clean AS GOD HAS INSTRUCTED US TO DO. Not just clean physically, but spiritually clean: living by EVERY WORD that proceeds out of His Mouth.

(Unless the women you live with are pigs, they clean up after themselves and wash after they do their business! They are no more unclean taking care of their period than you are wiping your arse! If I had to choose what I'd want sitting in my bathroom waste basket overnight I'd choose the tampon applicator over a pile of poop!

Teach caution of what?????)
******* caution AGAINST gross carnality as exemplified by your spirit in the paragraph above.

(This comes down to men being terrified of women's procreating power, and their power to bleed and not die of it as if they had a wound. Men have a terror of putting their penis in a bleeding wound, and that is how you depict it...why this fear? It conjurs up nightmares of Lorenna Bobbit, castration fear, powerlessness, etc.)

******* you've been reading feminist fairy tales, I've been reading the Bible.

What this "comes down to" is the Sanctity of Life: God intends for us to love Life so much that a woman who fails to conceive should mourn herself as unclean, and her husband should also grieve, because there's been a death in the family!

(My generation has not had shame associated with periods! It is a hassle, that is all. If we raise our daughters to see themselves as healthy, and as periods being a merely an inconvenience, then we deal with it. )  ******* that's exactly right, your generation of women has very little respect for life, loving themselves far more than they love babies.

Your generation of women don't mourn their failure to conceive, they flout their uncleanness publicly, despising the God who gave them their wombs.

Raise your daughters to see that "Periods" are NOT "merely an inconvenience" they are a curse: the result of sin for which God greatly multiplied the woman's sorrow and her conception.

The fruit of the womb is the LORD's reward for His people, an empty womb is NOT His reward. Your generation had better get hold of that truth and get cleansed of their selfish uncleanness.

(It comes down to punishing a person because she is female. It is about justifying taking power away from her because her biology dictates you do so--again, more proof of your fear of women and their power. You find any way you can to take away the power a female may have so that you can justify being the "ruler" of the roost.)
******* there you go again launching off into your feminist delusions!
My only concern in this whole matter is pleasing a Holy God, who made men and women and defined their uncleanness and its remedy.

It is readily apparent to anyone who thinks: a female is a more delicate, sensitive, and intricate being than a male.
Therefore sound reason tells you that it is more laborious to develop a female nervous system w/equipage in utero than it is a male.

July 8, 2000:  Some things are spiritually discerned, requiring the quickening Spirit of the LORD within to know the truth of the matter!

The LORD Himself commanded an 80 day period of separation, rest, and healing unto purification for a woman who had borne a female infant. Likewise, He Himself commanded only 40 days for women to rest after being delivered of a male baby.

I know a Spirit-filled woman who has just completed the 80 day cleansing time after bearing a girl-child; the same woman conceived and bare boy-children before: her testimony is that she needed the extra time of recovery after bearing the girl.

I attribute the truth of her testimony to a wonderful Creator who knows what is best for His children, and who in His great care for us, legislated His concern for our welfare.

Your feeble-mouthed scoffs in opposition to Him, I dismiss with utter contempt: you are only fools floundering in the black sea of folly.

July 14, 2000:  ******** the uncleanness is a result of the death of the unfertilized egg in the woman's body. Even as touching a dead body made a man unclean for 7 days, even though he washed after he touched the corpse, so the woman is unclean by the touch of death in her life. As I said before, this is all about the SANCTITY -- the purifying influence --of Life. as opposed to the uncleanness of death.

There is much more to life than what your beloved scientists can explain, apparently there is a contiminating influence of death which remains in or upon a person touched by it. Perhaps this is evident in the electromagnetic fields of energy that are part of human circuitry, or at least in some ethereal spiritual reality.

July 24, 2000: (and not follow only the parts that say that you can eat meat (because you obviously like barbecues), or those that say that the women are unclean for an entire week every month, (because you can control better a woman who abominates herself believing that she is unclean).)  ******* you may have something there: failing to observe this law has probably led to many women being out of control, loud, contentious, unruly, etc... thinking themselves to be clean in God's eyes when they are not.


II. The Jew / Communist / Lincoln / MLK/ Liberal / Jesuit / Union Cabal:  lying about the Holocaust.

April 10, 2000:  (answering the question "Lincoln was a communist agent in your mind?" no the Jesuit agent that shot him was a Commie.
John Wilkes Booth was a Jesuit agent according to his Charles Chiniquy a former Catholic priest.
Testimony of Another Former Priest
Charles Chiniquy wanted to obey and serve his church, but as he studied the scriptures, he became tormented as he learned that his church was wrong.
It will break your heart as you learn how Catholics are being deceived into following a false religion.
Chiniquy also reveals how the Jesuits were behind the murder of his friend, Abraham Lincoln.
Chiniquy, he is a famous historical Canadian figure. You can probably find his book, if you search for it.
Jack Chick Publications has a biography booklet on Chiniquy also under the title "The Big Betrayal".
Amazon.com has it.
evidence proves he (Booth) did not act alone.
I often use communist as a general slur, following the Jesuit connection he was at least a pro- communist dupe.
if you are only a 14th amendment citizen, you are cut off from the Constitutional rights that our forefathers secured for "ourselves and our posterity". Through "legal" shenanigans, bureaucrats try to reduce us all to 14th amendment citizens.

July 7, 2000
(Jews killing Christian babies to mix their blood in matzo;)
******* it happenned. it's history. Probably still happens, the synagogue of Satan is a vile organization capable of the worst atrocities.
(only a few Jews being killed, generally by disease in WWII;)******* 350,000- 1,000,000 is not a few. Disease was the major killer though.
(fake gas chambers;)
******* present-day Auschwitz has a fake gas chamber, yes.
Jews controlling our banks;)
******* it's history-- Rothschilds, Kuhn-Loeb, Rockefellers-- Jewish international bankers still swindling the nations by their banking schemes and financial manipulations (along with gentile bankers who bought into the racket)...
(happy Southern slaves; etc.)
******* most were happy-- overcoming their fiery trials by faith in the Saviour, not like the pity-party satanic Jews who whine about persecution and worship only themselves while hating the Messiah.

June 9  I don't believe 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis, nor that the Germans had an official extermination policy towards the Jews during WWII.
From what I understand 350,000 to 1,000,000 million Jews lost their lives in the work camps MOSTLY due to typhus and starvation.
You would have to read beyond all the "Shoah business" hype in order to believe as I do, but considering all the evidence available, I conclude the holocaust is greatly exaggerated.

June 11   While there were Jewish children who died who were innocent, there were many Jewish communists who died in the camps who could never be considered innocent in any way, shape, or form.
(Generally you refer to them as "work camps", though you and I both know better.)
******* and generally you refer to them as "extermination camps" though you and I both know better.
Yes, they were concentration camps, instead of having communistic Jews running amuck in Germany to foment trouble, the Nazis chose to confine them in camps where they could be made to work.
******* One of the communist Jewish leaders was a woman named Rosenberg. The communist Jews had many a street battle with the Nazis when they were both struggling to gain power. Once the Nazis gained control the communistic Jews were imprisoned, AFTER they as an international community had declared war on Germany in 1938.
One of the most horrible consequences of sin is that the innocent suffer because of the crimes of the guilty. It is heartbreaking, however if Jewish leaders had repudiated communism instead of accepting it, much suffering would have been alleviated.
******* some who were guilty of treasonous acts, did deserve to die for their incorrect political views.
But ALL who sin deserve to die for their sins, especially when those same sinners reject the offer of repentance and mercy provided by the Blood of Jesus.
I know of real Jews who acknowledge that the Holocaust was God's judgement against apostate Jews and Judaism.
******* communism is so entrenched in our government that the first necessary step is to repeal all laws which dictate communistic principles. (All the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto are implemented to some degree in America.)
Once that was done, all those who worked to try to re-establish communism could be prosecuted for crimes against liberty. Work camps would be a good place for communists and communist sympathizers.
Nothing absurd about it, jr.
However, it is more likely at present that the Christians will be the ones rounded up into concentration camps in America...

June 12, 2000:  Usurpation of the "chosen people" role taken by those who say they are Jews (but are the synagogue of Satan) requires that Christians resist them on every front where they seek to extend their usurpations.
The holocaust promotion industry is one of the lying Jews' best tools for political leverage, sympathy, and outright money making.
Besides the fact that slandering even Nazis is sin, accuracy is a vital component of Truth. 6 Million Jews were not even in the whole of Europe during WWII, much less in the concentration camps.

June 13, 2000: So Anne Frank and her family were not real Jews? But of the synagogue of Satan?)
******* most likely. Portions of her "diary" were found to be written with a type of ball point pen, which had not even been invented until after the War.
Who gets the money generated from all the Holocaust museums? spectacularizing the holocaust by exaggerating the total number of dead has generated lots of money for Jews, not just those in Israel.
Just think about all the money generated from holocaust movies and TV specials! You think they donate the profits to non-Jews?

From memory, Red Cross and World Almanac statistics state that World population of Jews pre WWII was ~16 million, ~10 million of which resided in the US. Since the rest were not all in Europe, that leaves no room for 6 million to be slain in the concentration camps.

July 19, 2000******* the scriptures I posted teach exactly what they say: as a rule, NO EVIL HAPPENS TO THE JUST, but rather to the wicked. I did mention in a follow-up that sometimes seemingly innocent people suffer as a result of the neglect of others.

July 23, 2000:  the Germans were burning wheelbarrow loads of paper money trying to stay warm! The economic calamity they were in was far worse than anything America ever experienced. It was a direct result of Jewish usury and other fraudulent banking practices.
Jews claim the right to practice usury based on Deuteronomy 23:20: Unto a stranger thou mayest lend upon usury, but unto thy brother thou shalt not... That is the reason they refuse to accept the rest of humanity as their brothers-- even those who love the God of Abraham.
It is an AWFUL abomination that millions of Christians who participate in the Jewish international banking system, are extorting usury from millions of other poor Christians who go to the banks for loans. May Yah quickly end that tragedy!
the reason it's called the holocaust is because most of the rich Jews of Europe willfully abandoned their poor brethren to be offered up as a whole burnt offering. That is what the word holocaust originally meant: a sacrifice wholly consumed by fire.
From ancient times, Jews have cried out about persecutions against them, most of which sprang up due to their perversions of true religion.
Prior to WWII, those who say they are Jews were promoting every form of vice known to man in Germany, in addition to usury and the fiat paper money swindle. When the Germans began to rage against Jewry, most of the rich Jews fled, leaving their poor brethren holding the bag.
Remember the words of the "rabbi" Steven Wise: "you may call it communism, but I call it Judaism". Communistic Jews will reap what they have sown worldwide, anyone faithful to Yahweh will come out from among them and be separate.

July 18, 2000 David Cole is the name of the young Jewish man who made the video about the gas chamber at Auschwitz being a fake.
Apparently he was also on the Montel Williams show refuting the extent of the holocaust. Maybe you could get a copy of that show if you'd try.
The audio tape below is available through the Zundelsite.

July 19, 2000:  Zundel is not the source, though he is certainly a valid source of info, despite the damned- Jew depreciations you slur him with.
Zundel has expended far more to research the extent of the holocaust than you, standing up for the truth of the matter rather than cowing down to the popular myth.
DAVID COLE, a Jew, is the one who made the video and promoted it on the Montel Williams program. He thinks Jews made a terrible mistake by exaggerating the numbers and trying to capitalize on the issue.

July 20, 2000:  they are not my "beloved", they are not "Nazi-sympathizers", and their actual lives as far as they relate to me, consist only in the stand they have made for the unpopular truth which deflates the holocaust.
Irving got ripped off in court, which is a bad reflection of the court system in England. That in no way demeans his scholarship.
facts and statistics are not propaganda, and I spend very little time reading about the holocaust-- it is a dead issue with me, an exaggeration about to fall on its face.
(You are aware, I presume, of Zundel's professed love and admiration for Adolf Hitler? )

January 26, 2002:  And since Calhoun probably didn't claim to be a "Reverend" while living a whoremongering lifestyle like King did, I'd still protest against King's holiday much more than against Calhoun's.

I question the "fact" that King was arrested merely for exercising his free speech rights... much of the "persecutions" enacted against MLK were Yah's loving efforts to chastise him for his sins, which chastisements to all available evidence King did not heed ere he perished in his sins.

May 11, 2000:  I daily battle the effects of slavery to sin among all men. That horrid form of slavery dwarfs the form of slavery blacks sufferred under in the past.
(Remember, a good many modern day Blacks may have some White ancestry. Where do you suppose that came from? And the horrible circumstances?!)  most of that is from willful intermarriage between the races, in fact, the reason marriage licences were originated was to allow for inter-racial marriage.

September 19, 2000: After the Nazis won power and started prosecuting communists many Jews fled from the threat of being incarcerated by the German government.

I called the South "the land of the pure" because down heah, folks care more about the truth of what they say than they do about using correct grammar.
Any old silver tongued devil can lie while using the King's best English, but the pure in heart use the grammar of the people, by the people, and for the people.

September 26, 2000:    nigger (nig-ger), n. 1. Southern slang mispronunciation of the word "Negro". 2. a slur word used to describe a low-life black person. 3. a term of endearment used by blacks amongst themselves. 4. a term banned by hypocrites who can admit no legitimate usage of this word according to the first three definitions given. 5. a term which, when used even incidentally, incites a pretence of grievous offense by perpetrators and dupes of the historically communistic "civil rights movement".


III. Kill the Homosexuals, Abortionists, etc.

May 2000  What abomination maketh desolate more than sodomy? it cuts off the hope of a man having any offspring, when he casts his seed into the gutter of the human anatomy. Sodomy is utterly abominable and is utter desolation of human hope. Evidently, by what we have seen... from Baconman, there is a movement of sorts among those who name the name of Christ to justify sodomy. Someone else will supply the statistics to indicate the extent of this movement, but I believe that it is significant enough that believers had better be preparing places in the mountains in which to secure their families, before the time when armies are surrounding the United States preparing to invade.

April 29, 2000 The most loving thing to do for unrepentant homosexuals is to put them to death, because that is what our Loving God commanded we do for them.  They are not to be put to death just so they'll go to hell, but to rid society of their evil influence.  never said I loved the unrepentant homosexual, such will be abhorred by all flesh forever.
I referred to "the loving thing to do" in respect to our love for Yah's creation, which should not be marred with the perversions of a society tolerating homosexuality.

April 30, 2000:  ******* I'm willing to compromise on that part of the issue, I say let the queers exchange vows... then immediately execute them so they can have a government funded honeymoon in hell. That way homosexual couples will stay together way beyond their sunset years.

May 2, 2000:  yes, adulterers should be put to death also, death is not prescribed for the rest on your list though. Those crimes all call for their own particular punishments according to the Law.
unrepentant sodomites are a deadly evil in the earth and need to be eradicated.
(So Eldon, where indeed does it end, if you wanted to execute all homosexuals? To be consistent, would you not have to include stoning to death rebellious children? )
******* yes, I do.
******* there is a line drawn: when a young man won't obey his parents and becomes a drunkard and glutton while in their home, THEN he is to be stoned by all the congregation.
There wouldn't have to be many killed in this manner before rebellious teens decided to obey their parents.

May 5, 2000:  ******* assuming this country practiced Biblical justice and the accused had been proven guilty, yes I could stone a homosexual or adulterer AND adulteress (both are to be stoned). It would be the duty of every adult in the community to take part in the stoning.
Yahweh ordained the governments of men to enact His judgements, they will either do so or be replaced by rulers who will execute Yah's judgements.
But death by execution is also the Bible's solution for the homosexual problem. Christianity has preached love and mercy to homosexuals for a long time now and things have only gotten worse. It is time to return to preaching the Whole counsel of God = death for unrepentant homosexuals.
I am not seeking your sympathy, I am seeking to speak the whole Truth on this matter. Any homosexual reading this knows that their sin deserves death, and is only confused by your talk of love and toleration.
My words confirm the Bible's judgement in the homosexual's conscience, and will press them to repentance, if there is to be any hope for them.

******* dogs and people learn from BOTH: love for good behaviour AND punishment for bad behaviour. I dare say that if you saw your dog doing the wicked things that homosexuals do, you'd be the first one wanting to put her to death.

April 9, 2000:  NO WAY were they sodomites-- what would have been "wonderful" about them wasting their seed of life into each other's dung outlets?!! David and Jonathan had sworn the eternal presence of Almighty Yah between them and their seed forever! Do you want to accuse Yah of abiding in their dung?!!

Are you ready to die for your blasphemies, wretch?
Just say the word if you want to be a martyr for that cause. I will agree as touching that with you. Think it over carefully for three days before you answer, depending on your choice, they could be the last three days of your life.

July 23, 2000:  ******* of course advocating the shooting of innocent doctors is not protected speech, nor should it be! People who shoot innocent doctors will not be blessed by God either, nor those who advocate such.
He could only bless those who shoot abortionists, since He advocated that whosoever sheds man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed.

A Bullet a Day keeps Abortion Away.


IV.  Miscaellenous:  Speaking in Tongues, the Quaran, et al

September 28, 2000 You'd be suprised at how highly I regard the Quran! I believe it was given to the Arabs to save them from the aberrations of churchianity

April 2002:  Will they wait until Allah comes to them in canopies of clouds, with angels and thus the question is settled?" 2:210 ...
When Allah comes in canopies of clouds, He will be in the body of Jesus Christ, even as He was when Jesus first walked the earth as a man.

May 27, 2002: ******* From the nearest Hebrew forms in Strong's Hebrew Lexicon:

: Bee See Dee Ee Tee La bo
please(994) Excellency(7863) that(1768) woe(337) covering(2922) come(935)
: Lada Bo soyen
order(3935) come(935) destruction(7588)
: Mahte Ke Sod oebo
a garment (4594) Chaldean(3777) sorrow(17)come(935)
: So Row Bahka
a whirlwind(5591) weeping(1058)
: Toru mestro garga toru
the Law(8451) fortress(4694) meditation of(1620) the Law(8451)
: Koda Basanda Andanda de
rejoice(2302) in the counsels of Yah(1152) bind fast(6029) that(1768)
: Boso to Toh- oh-tee.
good news(1319) mark off(8372) mark off(8372) ye men(859)
Taken altogether, this is a prayer and exhortation saying:
Please, Excellancy, send woe covering the wicked, order their coming destruction, clothe the Babylonians with sorrow in a whirlwind of weeping.
The Law is a fortress! Meditate upon the Law! Rejoice in the counsels of Yah, BIND FAST the good news, MEASURE ACCORDINGLY, ye men!
Surely those words are way out of the range of Robert Tilton's theology, but they fit right in with the Spirit of Truth! Needless to say this message wasn't interpreted as above in Tilton's meeting!

And instead of cutting and pasting parts of the Tolkein study... whatever that is... I'll just link it here.