Okay.  One:  How is Juno in the “teen sex comedy” genre?  And, two, it’s fascinating to see Chris Elliott identified with “Cabin Boy”.

On this Alex Jones swipe piece:  “John McCain is the leader of the Democratic Party” and “Robert Mueller is a demon” are (if partisan) “fair” commentary.  The “Gummint controls the weather” line is so old it croaks…

Digesting what the heck facebook did with the “Walk Away” movement leader’s account.

a brief for the late Playboy

Climate change battles in history

Egyptian media declares:  Hitler?  Even Hitler who represented the uttermost discrimination and aggression didn’t reach this level of political and moral decay reached by the new Hitler now on the throne of authority in the United States.  Uh huh.

Great Britain city urges everyone to report anything, even non crimes, they see online that’s… hateful.
… which, you know, is going to really defeat that 4 out of 10.

Actually, Trump’s brusqueness in the face of the Hurricane may just be the point where it serves him best.  The only one.



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