four for foursday

I see the phrase “Gordon Pross arrest” as a search someone recently got here with.

I assume that whoever was looking, found this item posted in the Ellensburg Daily Record , circa 1992, about the end of Gordon Pross’s suit against prison mistreatment following his (storied in his various congressional campaigns) arrest in 1988.

Beyond that, to the question that turns up in the query, “Who replaced Doc Hastings?” — one Dan Newhouse.  It’s worth noting that had it not been for the top two primary, the man replacing Doc Hastings would have been one Clint Didier.

What’s this mean?  Newhouse voted for John Boehner for Speaker.  Didier probably would’ve been with that tea party contingency and plucked about… probably not joining the “Colin Powell” voter, though.  (Maybe have voted for goddamned Louie Gohmert?)

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