Three Percent

Doc Hastings wants Interior Watchdog to go after Obama.  Or be replaced.  And for someone new to go after Obama.

Maybe because there’s something serious that needs to be gotten to the bottom at with Obama and the Environment.  But Probably more because of about this spot

The environment used to be a bipartisan cause, particularly in Washington — witness the state’s million-acre 1984  wilderness bill — but Republicans have bailed here and across the country, according to the 2012 National Environmental Scorecard compiled by the League of Conservation Voters. […]

But Rep. Doc Hastings, R-Wash., chairman of the powerful House Natural Resources Committee scores a rock-bottom rating of 3. He cast just one pro-environment vote during the 112th Congress.

Two notes that are not that noteworthy:

Almost all of the anti-environmental legislation and amendments passed by the Republican-run House of Representatives was stalled in the Democratic-controlled Senate, and would have faced President Obama’s veto pen if passed.

Curiously, many House efforts to weaken environmental statutes — e.g. the National Environmental Policy Act and Clean Air Act — were directed at laws passed under the Nixon Administration or signed into law by President George H.W. (“I want to be the environmental President”) Bush.

Yes, Nixon.  Yes Bush the First.  But really, they just thought domestic politics were a bunch of outhouses out in the sticks, and had their eyes on the International Scene.  And yes, House passes, Senate doesn’t, nothing happens after that.  But I want to know…  What the hell did Doc Hastings vote for to mar his nearly impeccable record?  Was there, like, something Hanford related or was there something like a “remove maggots from government cheese” bill out there?

The one thing you can say is nothing has changed… he is consistent, with a lifetime average of 3.

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