The Doors perform Reading Rainbow theme

Look to Wikipedia for who will be the new veep selection of Romney

Pat Robertson blames Sikh Shooting on Atheists.

Muslim and Sikh… to the neo-nazi killer it was the same difference
explaining his tattoos .

Bachmann and Ventura: two of a kind?

Larry Craig:  Bathroom tyrst part of Senatorial duty.

Libertarian Party veep choice of 2008 goes off on conspiratorial tangeant

Impeach Scalia

Will the Law of Diminishing Returns kick in on Superpac spending swarm swarm swarm?
Note the North Dakota Democratic candidate… leads the polls so far somehow.   But it’s probably meaningless on the Presidential, and determining down-ticket.

Our politics are running around in circles.  See this 1952 right-wing comic book.

Nutty Oklahoma State Legislator candidate




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