Race for the Washington State US Senate Seate, and congressional districts 4 and 7, and one month only for 1

Time to look over Washington State’s primary voters guide.  Why?  Why not?
It’s pretty user-friendly, the online version.  I can just go down the list and graze.  And find… A Reform Candidate for Senator.

Will Baker.  As a direct result of Will’s community service, Will believes the number one issue in the 2012 U.S. Senate election should be the illegal and unethical election practices used by Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed.  Hm.  Interesting definition of community service.  Except then we get this:   I believe the number one issue in the 2012 U.S. Senate election should be impeaching President Barack Obama specifically for Obama’s decision to give America’s state of art military spy drone technology to Iran  … The man needs to prioritize.  What’s number one, what’s number two?

Glen (Stocky) R. Stockwell for a Republican.  I have taken “My Project Proposal” to Senator Cantwell for “nearly 3 years”. I believe without doubt I am the only person who has proclaimed “I know how to pay for this Project without any new Taxes and at the lowest Cost Per Acre”! “Aggressive Leadership is Needed Now to Change Our State’s Future Destiny” followed by immediate action!
“Thousands of Real Washington Jobs” and a “2 Billion Dollar State Construction Project”! What our State needs now is funding! Currently 1.7 Trillion is available in already Allocated for National Economic Development Stimulus Projects! Washington State 2013 Congressional leaders will have a historical opportunity to lead our Nation by completing the “Eighth Wonder of the World”. President Franklin Roosevelt’s “Columbia Basin Project”!
Kind of an over-sales job on this one?

I don’t see any moderately amusing Senate candidates.  So now let’s see the Republicans running against Doc Hastings in the 4th district.

 Jamie Wheeler is not a ladder climbing politician, but rather an American boldly exercising her Constitutional Right to run for office as the Founding Fathers had intended. She is Constitutionally Qualified
Sigh.  Yes.  You can run for office.

Mohammad H Said.  Yeah.  This isn’t going anywhere…
He is pro cannabis as an alternative medicine for patients who are qualified, particularly edible, not legalization or recreational  Hm.  I’d prefer my pro-cannabis to go all the way.
He is pro business to market products, training, technology to the Arab Spring countries, which are similar to our district’s climate, landscape, etc, as we helped some achieve democracy.
No clue what that means.

There is a Democrat, and I suppose that means she will probably be the one to make the primary round against Hastings.  And Mary Baechler is better than Gordon Allen Pross, I would say, though I imagine her campaign as essentially a promotional attempt for her Baby Jogger company.

It looks like Goodspaceguy is running again.  In the 7th district.  I say go for him so that we can bat him around for another few months until you re-elect McDermott.
To learn about my thrifty, recycling, orbital space colonization program, visit my second blog at http://colonizeorbitalspace.blogspot.com  With the mass-of-money we have already spent, we should already have our beginning, orbital space colonies, but we don’t because our leaders have not been educated in orbital space colonization.

… Looking down the list, I have one last question.  Is there a pension that goes with serving for a month in Congress?  Because there’s just a lot of people running for a special election to serve out a single month in the 1st Congressional district.  There are seven running for a whole term; eleven for a month term.  Only 3 of them are running for both.  Yeah, go with Ruth Morrison who charges head first.
As an hourly employee I have developed the skills to lead and plan. The future will have many challenges and respect for many cultures is a part of my life and our communities. For a month the privilege to severe, would be a great honor, I sincerely would appreciate your vote

Though I do have an affinity for the sheer galls of just tossing up a whole mass of platitudes.  So maybe Bob Champion can be your Champion?

I am running for this office because I believe in the future. I believe the future demands that we be brave enough to try something new. I believe the future requires that we change course, challenge the status quo, and seek discourse on the problems that unite us. By working together with a vision and a plan, that future is today’s reality.
We, the people, have a unique opportunity to voice our strong desire that the parties shun their partisan politics and demand that they work together. I know that by working together, we can accomplish great things. I know that by working together, we will lay the foundation for future generations to build upon.
Like Benjamin Franklin, I believe that words are worthless without demonstrated action. Congress needs to hear a voice that seeks to inspire change. As your voice, I will challenge each member to shed party politics. We must reach across the aisle, embrace each other, and resolve to work together. The future demands that we take that chance today. I urge you to take that chance and vote for me. I’ll get the job done.


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  1. Jan Smith Says:

    I thought Mary Baechler sold the Baby Jogger Company in 2004. How could she be doing this for a promotional attempt. This just shows how in tune Doc Hastings is in the 4th District.

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