Nixon Watch.  Writer in  The American Conservative magazine declares him a Conservative after all.

It’s official from the Conspiracy theorists: New French president… Bilderberger

News and notes you may have missed.

Americans Elect throws in the towel 2012.  See ya in 4 years under another title.

Hip-hop Legend MCA passes on (of Beastie Boys fame); Obama Says Not a Word

Meat Glue.

Ron Paul Mitt Romney face off

Maine goes to Ron Paul.  (submitted by “PUMA for Life”… hm.  Hillary Clinton fans for Paul?)

Assassination Threat from someone not named Nugent… “Sooner or later I will grab someone, maybe in the woods, on the trail, and beat the life out of them.”

Blah Blah blah.  Kaczynski was an environmentalist, y’know?

Powells offers it new Vanity Press outlet

The Existential Nightmare of Hi and Lois.

Media Grows bored of Occupy.  Yeah, well, it’s why you gotta come up with new attention grabbers.
I’m not.

The history of 7 Up branding

Email lore: 500 miles





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