ranking Republican on the House Resources Committee, then and now.

“Now is not the time to spend up to $50 million dollars of the taxpayers’ money to buy nearly 3,000 acres of beachfront property on a Caribbean Island,” said Rep. Doc Hastings, (R-Wash.), ranking Republican on the House Natural Resources Committee. “We can’t afford a price tag for a new park in St Croix, just as many Americans will never be able to afford a visit there.”

All right.   Kind of a legitimate debate on how one conserves natural resources, and when they get into the realm of people actually being able to see and use this spot or that spot, as opposed to… if I’m guessing right, what Doc Hastings really wants to do is allow Exxon to rip this “beachfront property” out for Oil Exploration.  Anyway, Democrats vote for it; Republicans vote against it — and since the vote was that last Democratic Congress, I guess it passed.   But here’s the strange way this gets played out on the Internet.

Because, in Obama’s mind, he’s above the other historical presidential retreats like Camp David.
Now.  I have to pause on this one.  Because I can not make heads or tails of the Obama caricature this commenter is using.  Baroccoli.  Obama is made green, and then Made out to look like broccoli.  I wish I could call this “racist”, but that would be giving it too much credit.

because Obama is a pile of smoking hot dog **** and should be thrown out of office.
I imagine this is just a repeat comment which can be used for questions like — “Why hasn’t Obama been on Jay Leno lately?”

Because I gave him the money for a job well done. Say good bye to your stupid constitution.
That one is the mock George Soros one.

This is a national park, a national historic site. Not an island retreat.
Or was it an accident that you phrased your question in a misleading way,,,,yeah right,
It’s like calling everything “Socialism”, basically.

There’s a line in this “National Anthem” which is… weird.
all hail the messiah           obama obama    the path to the new    socialist motherland           our savior our savior           obama obama

All right.  And it goes on for “give him your money and your guns”.  Standard and trite.  But I don’t know what this line is:
the leader more famous      than Lindsay lohan
Yeah, I think.  The President.  Should be more famous than Lindsay Lohan.  Shouldn’t he?

That was then.  This is now.  Can Doc Hastings do away with the pesky sea lions — just one of the many pets running around claimed by Radical Environmentalist?  Note a bit of liberal bias in the final sentence

The sea lions are named after German naturalist George Wilhelm Steller, who described them in 1742. They are among the largest sea lions. Males can weigh more than a ton.

That tends to make the sea lions “cute”, like how you make the Panda Bear the the face of global warming.  I should we should quit with the differentiations and amass all creatures into a giant dump-heap of carbon.

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