PBS on Exxon Valdez

Don’t lose sight of Massa Energy

Your Bomb Scare Alex Jones Prison Planet Headlines:  Pentagon Front Group Releases Video Claiming “Taliban” Behind New York Car Bomb “Attack” , Feds Characterize Smoldering Car in Times Square as “Potential Terrorist Attack” , Will Feds Blame Car Bomb On Patriots? , Times Square bomb: terrorism or PR?

Arizona Legislature sets their sights on banning human animal hybrids

Japanese learn the difference between “when” and “if” from George Bush

Unification Church Sells Washington Times

Why I can’t bring myself to care about the Washington Correspondence Dinner

Free Comics Day

Immigration Laws through the World

Information Clearing House headline Hillary Clinton Calls Ahmadinejad Anti-Semitic President leads to predictable comments in… 3 comments.

That Truck Guy with the WTC image and Confederate Flag?

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