Stalin funded the Tea Parties

City Planning gone hardcore

Time Traveller seen in 1940s photograph

Ron Paul Revolutionaries Abandon Beck in Droves; Ratings Hit 2010 Low (odd editorial jump).
Glenn Beck beats Ron Paul in Tea Party
I quietly predicted Bunning’s endorsement of Rand Paul, as part shot at McConnell.  Worth recalling: Rand Paul positioned his run only if Bunning didn’t run.

Charlie Crist — going somewhere?

Liberal Democrats boost Labour Party and dampen Conservative Party.  What does it mean?  Hopefully the British Public knows.

Tea Party photos.  Question: Isn’t Captain America against this movement?
The search for infiltratorsIn DC, some protesters jokingly applauded the Tea Party’s anomalous Goth contingent. “Freedom comes in all flavors!” shouted one passerby.

How the Icelandic Volcanic Eruption has disrupted the Ig Noble Tour.

Kids today.
Damned It All!

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