The Republican Party has a low regard for its donor base.

Political Magazine Article round-up

Mother Jones March/April 2010
Drinking While Brown” Adam Weinstein
“Married For a Minute?” — Nadya Labi
Age of Treason” — Justine Sherrak

Washington Monthly March / April 2010
“Who Killed America’s Job Machine?”:  Why Creeping Consolidation is Killing Amercan Livelihoods:  Barry C Lynn, Phillip Longman

New Republic March 11, 2010
Disaster Relief” How to Avoid 1994– Stanley B Greenberg
Weak Brew: Tea Party’s Frustrated Moderates” profile of Mark Skoda by Lydia DePillis

Nation 3/8
The Cut Man” — Chris Lehmann on the “Clinton Tapes”

New Statesman, March 1, 2010
10 People Dave (Cameron) Should Fear” — Harriet O’brien

In These Times, March 2010
Bernie Sanders “The Senate’s Reconcilable Differences
Vic Fingerhut “Obama and the State of the Democrats: We Ignore the Lessons of 1931, 1948, 1984, and 1988 at Our Peril

Reason April 2010
“Pink Peril” Jacob Sullum  on “Crystal meth that smells like strawberries”, round about here
The DC Snow Job” — Radley Balko “Social Networks, Video Sharing, and Blogs Expose Police Lying”

Maclean’s Feb 22, 2010
How ‘The Beaver’ lost its name“; on the Canadian history’s magazine’s decision to change its name to “Canada’s History”.

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