Elderly in Rural Areas having a tough time of it.
Food Stamps come on at midnight, leading to shopping frenzies starting at 11.

Gays in the Comics: Brent Bozell does not know his comics history.

National Review Fighting the last battles much?

Hotlinking an image from here of Jimmy Carter.  Hotlinking an image from here of Vladimir Putin.

Rand Paul aide quits in Satanic KKK Afro-American Related Controversy

a responsorial to the Coburn comments on Byrd

Letters of note.  1941, 1945: Quit or be reigned down with atomic bombs

Iranians Flock to Mourn Cleric Ali Montazeri

Tim Pawlenty gets the Religious Right search treatment

“Climategate” My ass.  Get to know how they view Wikipedia sourcing.

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