New Animatronic Lincoln voice coming to Disneyland, sparking controversy amongst Lincoln voice experts

Continued reaching for the day the Militias can take hold.
and that “Log in your Eye / speck in my eye” thing.

Conservatives are from Fantasy; “Progressives” are from Science Fiction

Fantasy Geopolitics

Putin to join Olympic Judo team

Looking back at this past decade — ranked higher in terms of momentous event than 9/11 — 1/22

Chuck Norris explains how if the Obama’s Health Care were around back then, Jesus would be aborted.

The Forty Years War: The Rise and Fall of the Neocons, from Nixon to Obama:  Nixon, Kissinger, Kraemer, and Haig 

 The Problem with citing “Evil”. 

The Civil War in Christmas: Jesus shoots down Santa: the oh-so-Christian quote getting into the Christmas spirit:  “Christmas isn’t about Santa; it’s about Jesus.” 

What English sounds like.

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