I would like to know what Doc Hastings has to say about this

Well, here he is writing a piece for the Heritage Foundation.  Drill.  Baby.  Drill.

And the comments.  What is Obama’s motives, anyway?

Lloyd Scallan – New Orleans writes:
Doc Hastings views are spot on! However, Obama will never allow drilling off or on our coast.
Within weeks after Obama took office, he (or his minions) cancelled lease sales […]
We all better understand that Obama wants this country on its knees. With no gasoline or natural gas, most every industry will be forced to shut down (not to mention transportation). Then Obama will get just what he wants, to declare a national emergency so he can completely take over every aspect of our lives.

Why didn’t Doc Hastings write that?

Gail, Amarillo, Texas writes:
President Obama has no intention of developing energy independence or jobs for the American people. His Secretary of the Interior Mr. Salazar will follow his boss’s wishes. The President wants our country on its knees without energy and without jobs. I don’t believe that anyone can stop him from putting the country in that predicament because he believes in a one world economic plan and ignores the pain of his own people.

One World Here We Come!!

Bob Atwood Goldendale Wa. writes:
I just want to thank Doc for his work, He is a real sourse of pride for us in the NW. Something is very wrong in America today, Without people like Mr. Hastings I can’t imagine how intolerable our government would be.

Just wait til John Boehner becomes Speaker after 2010.  Then we will see Mr. Hastings UNLEASED!

Dennis, Ohio writes:
Thank you Doc for your efforts. Unfortunately, Obama and his czars are intent on the destruction of this country, our resources, and our wellbeing. There is little to be done unless we vote these people out of office as fast as we can. It may be too late already.

Face it.  It is too late.  Go ahead and leave these people in office, because it’s too late anyway.

So, Nuclear Power coming soon?

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