Who is Cleon Skousen and how has he found his way into our political discourse?

Linda McMahon of the WWF — er… WWE running to replace Chris Dodd in Connecticut.  Better button down the hatch of any possible Minnesota-type election rules that let in that Ventura character.

Six Questions for Max Blumenthal on his book about the Christian Right.

You know what?  It works like that with Obama and the “Progressives” as well.

Reading Kafka imrpoves learning.  (True story: my 8th grade English teacher recommended Kafka to me while handing back my creative writing assignment.)

Weekly Standard on Death Panels and why it’s an effective little bit of demaugery.  Groan.


Interesting school newspaper collection.

ACORN’s real problem: Stupidity.  Replacing the old standby: “ACORN’s real problem: Ineffective”.

I bet you things will turn out well in Germany!

Alex Jones and an open letter to Glenn Beck.

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