“welfare for wild horses”


Question:  What’s animating Doc Hastings these days?  Hm.  He stood next to Newt Gingrich at a press conference recently in support of the policy of “Drill Baby Drill”.  Mildly noted, Gingrich was asked about his presidential prospects.  It must have been nice to meet up with Gingrich, “Class of ’94” and all that.
Also, if you go to his facebook page, you’ll see he’s hawking the complicated box health care chart.   ‘Tis a stupid talking point, but it’s a requirement of Republican Leadership to hawk that chart.

But what’s really animating Doc Hastings is the desire to slaughter all the horses. 

Okay, that’s an unfair characterization of a land management issue.  Except that we get to his
is characterization of the issue amusing.  It is, as Doc Hastings says, “Welfare for Wild Horses.”    The definition of “welfare” does not match.  (To be fair, it doesn’t appear that Hastings was alone with this title — it was a Republican talking point.  For a second there, I gave Representative Hastings too much credit.)

Also notable, his facebook page has a typographical error.  Doc Hastings is speaking out against “wefare for wild horses.”  (I will go ahead and give Hastings credit for coining “wefare for wild horses.”)

It is notable to show a Sarah Palin-esque criticism comes into play here.  “Hollywood Starlets” coming for “anti-hunting, anti-Second Amendment circuses from Hollywood”– a reference to an Ashley Judd commercial against Sarah Palin’s aerial killing of wolves.  The Barbi Twins and Willie Nelson’s daughter have come out swinging.

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