tired act

Somewhere in the midst of cheering on would-be Texas Secessionists and Nullifiers, Representative Ron Paul was hood-winked into an Ali G — now Bruno — stunt.  Witness.

“The pair go back years. Madge was such a big fan of his Ali G character she asked him to star in her video for Hey Mr DJ and they’ve been pals ever since.” Ali G and Borat made complete fools of politicians all over the world and it seems Bruno is no different. He was branded a “fraud” this week by a senior Republican who claims he was tricked into his “bedroom” for a seduction scene.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul told America’s ABC radio: “We were in a studio, I wasn’t invited into a hotel room. There were lots of lights and blaze and commotion and they said we better get in this back room which was fixed up as a bedroom.

And I was expecting an interview on Austrian economics. It didn’t turn out that way.” You can say that again congressman! It seems that stimulating the finances of the Austrian economy was the last thing on Bruno’s mind.

Ron Paul said: “By the time he started pulling his pants down, I was like, ‘What on earth is going on here?’ and I ran out of the room. This interview had ended.”

The new film is set for release in November. Hurry up!

I mention this all by way of asking for Ali G to please stop.  It was funny once.  It then ceased to be funny and is now tedious.  So Ron Paul goes into the room and leaves when you lower your pants.  Okay.  How is this incisive commentary on anything?  Just enjoy your ruining of the lives of Kazhakstan’s foreign exchange students for a generation (ala Borat) and move on to a new schtik.

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