Inauguration Speeches Interactive at NY Times

Hugo Chavez setting getting himself a power grab whilst relinquishing power

The Obama Commemorative Paper Plate only $10 — hat tip from brownpau

Bob Harris puts the Airplane Landing in its proper context

Anonymous wannabe desecrates Scientology building, complete with a response from a “Wise Beard Man”

Juan Cole at the end of the Bush Administration and Saturday Night Live at the beginning of the Bush Administration

Why do Nuts in Academia always have Supporters?

Glad to see The Weekly Standard has their priorities straight

This American Life on Obama’s Inaguration

Homeland Security and Seasame Street — to be fair that’s kinda what happens when you’re run by the Federal Government, right?

It’s always interesting when I see people discover the truth about what the creator of Wonder Woman had in mind.  (hint:  Fredric Wertham didn’t know the half of it.)

The Upcoming OBAMA NATION you weren’t aware of… but they are.

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