The Continued Political Career of Mike Gravel

It is always interesting to note the crusades of political figures who have sort of been cosnigned to the fringes of “acceptable” mainstream politics but who are “mainstream” enough to be pulled in by the causes, “fringe”.  Ie, Mike Gravel and his search for 9/11 Truth.  But, from the moment he announced his run for the presidency on the Democratic ballot, I noted his odd gray area of political acceptibility — which we saw play out to acceptibility on the edges of the televised debate (quite literally, on the opposite end of Kucinich, with Clinton and Obama in the center, with the media mavens claiming the order was random), his youtube stardom, and to a failed an puzzling run for the Libertarian nomination (shouldn’t the Libertarian presidential candidate be… Libertarian?).

And now to this.  And, as some commenter points out:

The 9/11 Truth Movement is only growing stronger every day.

Why!  They have former Alaska Senator and presidential candidate Mike Gravel working for them!

… and his presidential bids give him just a little bit more of a stage for press than he received when he was advocating a stronger world government and a National Initiative process, which was what he was doing sometime between his lost Senate seat (and he was a real weasel during the 1980 Democratic Senate primary, avoiding the issue of the Selective Service instead of Championing Against it) and his presidential bid.  Which is something I can guarantee you did not notice, if not not noticing during his presidential bid than not noticing as he was championing those causes.

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