Betray… Us.

Hm.  General Betray Us, eh?

While we’re at it, let’s call everybody in the political sphere a name, taking off a rhyme of their real name.  For instance, Oregon has a Senator Gordon Smith that is up for re-election in 2008.  It is something like pick-up opportunity number 5 or 7 for the Democrats.  Here’s his remarks:

Sen. Gordon Smith, one of the few Republican senators who supports legislation ordering troop withdrawals, told reporters Thursday he thought Petraeus’ testimony and the ad were the two biggest factors in keeping Republicans from breaking ranks with the president: Petraeus’ testimony because it was persuasive and the MoveOn add because it went too far by attacking a popular uniformed officer.

So.  Um.  Senator … Lard And Filth?  That… kind of rhymes?

Yeah, there you go.  Like you have anything better!

New Hampshire has incumbent Endangered Republican Senator #1.  Senator.  Sununu.  Hm.  Senator… Your Mumu.  But that doesn’t strike me as an insult.  Damnedit!

George Bush.  Um.  I think I’ll mock him by calling him… George Bush.  Dick Cheney I’ll mock by referring to as… yes, Dick Cheney.

No, I should really stick to Northwest politicians.  You know, it’s been a while since I mentioned the Congressional critter of my old home — Doc Hastings.  He popped up in the CREW list of “Most corrupt members of congress” — admittedly a bit of a partisan affair that CREW, but a bit of a surprise nonetheless because the strange conventional beltway wisdom had it that the man was an honorable man what with his great handling of an ethics subcommittee that dealt with the James Traficant.  But never mind.  The listing fits well enough Representative Wastings.

Gawd I’m stupid.  I should really think of something that rhymes with “Doc”.


Explanation for the Conventional Beltway actions and reactions in the Senate toward that advertisement.  Understand something: I have no real opinion on the ad itself, but am insulted by the existence of this reaction.  The propaganda is being laid on thickly — thou shall not insult this man.  The storyline that follows in the Conventional Beltway does not translate into the real world, and I’m thinking there is work still to be done by that nebulous entity called the “netroots” and the non-netroots grassroots to get to that point where this type of sideshow does not overwhelm our stuffed beltway critters.

The point that Kevin Drum makes in that post, about it being a sign of desperation on the part of the Republican Party — and the Usual Suspects visa vie Fox News,  would make sense, except this is a type of technique used over and over again.  It’s being used when the Republican Party is down, as it is now, just as it was when the Republican Party was up — Desperation has nothing to do with the matter.  Frankly, I think that this show we have been inandated with is as good a vindication for’s stupid ad as anything else.

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