Meanwhile, in Prosser

Dateline Prosser, Washington: Big Rodents Overrun Washington Seniors

Residents say the oversized rodents are swarming through the 75-unit development of manufactured homes near the airport of this Eastern Washington town, burrowing under homes, fouling front porches with their droppings and _ according to some unconfirmed accounts _ attacking people. […]

“Can you imagine what they’d do to cats?” asked Dick Bain, 78, a Wine Country resident who dispatched two of the animals with a shovel Friday. […]

Concerned about the droppings, which Bain said often are tracked indoors “even though you think you’ve cleaned it off,” residents say officials in the Benton-Franklin Health Department have told them there’s nothing the agency can do because the animals pose no public health risk, including the spread of infectious disease.

Police add that town ordinances prohibit residents from shooting the critters.[…]

The marmots are going to go on to Grandview and Benton City, and they’re going to Sunnyside and Mabton and Granger and Toppennish. And then they’re going to Washington, D.C. to take back the White House! Yeaaaaagggggh!!!

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