on Randy Cunningham

Looks like Randy”Duke” Cunningham is going to plead guilty to … A Whole heck of a lot of bad doings.

This despite never having smoked a marijuana cigarette. (The kids call it a “joint”, but Randy Cunningham is so unaware of illicit narcotics, his drug of choice being lavish gifts from Lobbyists.)

I guess this is a victory for the House Ethic’s Committee — headed by the esteemed Doc Hastings, because you have to figure that since they have a House member in their midst who now is an admitted crook, they had to have played a role in uncovering much of Randy Cunningham’s corruption. Right?

Er… No. I guess not.

In Doc Hastings’s defense, the House Ethics Committee has been quiet and non-functioning for the last decade, in a bi-partisan truce. In fact, the only reason Doc Hastings sits at the head of that committee now is because, by some weird fluke, the prior House Ethics Committee head admonished Tom DeLay. So…

Let our retro-fit Gilded Age continue unabetted!

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