Games Played

What I know is that Judith Miller was nothing but a propaganda outlet. The games played on Internet Message Board, and in the end they tend to become stupid games. I phrased it as “Ahmad Chalabi gives Judith Miller a ‘story’. Judith Miller writes in for the Sunday edition of the New York Times. Dick Cheney quotes the story on Sunday’s ‘Meet the Press’.” The opposing side chimes in “It’s not as simple as that. That’s not how intelligence, even cooked intelligence, works.”

Months later, I’m sitting here thinking “You know what? Never mind the minituae of a Tom Clancy Novel, Sometimes it really is that simple.” [As for Ahmad Chalabi, I am given a William Safire editorial from the Wall Street Journal. The CIA is a sinister organization that threw the precious Chalabi down for the count.)

The details of the Sarin Gas story, I am assured from the “expert” who worked with chemical weapons, tells us that it marks some very sinister schtuff and hiding and the deception and the death and the whatnot. Begging the question: Who Do I believe? Him or Every Goddamned Expert on the Planet??? (For his part, William Safire chimes in with an editorial that marks David Kay as lumped in with the Liberals and the Ostrich-with-necks in the sand Foreign Gummints because “he can’t go back on his credibility.” I start to hate William Safire.)

When we get around the Dalfour Report, Dick Cheney informs us that the “real story” is that the Oil-For-Food Program had corruption in it. It’s all a dull roar, as far as I can make out. Fox News will hype it up. Dick Cheney did say that Fox News is his preferred news service: it delivers the news the way he wants it to be delivered.

Pre-War I toss up a sacarstic post responding to the Great French Boycott of 2002/03. Something along the lines of “Seeing as it’s the governments of ‘Old Europe’, the population of ‘Old Europe’, the population of ‘New Europe’, and not the governments of ‘New Europe’ that back the War in Iraq, the trick is to find a way to adminster the Boycott in such a way that it punishes the people of Old and New Europe, the governments of Old Europe, but not the governments of New Europe.” I believe I threw in some Kobe Teeth lyrics for good measure (SIC). The response puzzled me. Sarcastic ramblings on Dialectical Materialism and the Dictatorship of the Proleteriat. Tensions were running high, and it’s not being called a Communist per se that puzzled me… it just seemed like a non-sequitur. In hindsight, the recent poll showing Bush Supporters believing crap that nobody’s even telling them sheds light on the mystery. Bush Supporters believe the World was in support of the War in Iraq — for reasons that elude me. (I can sympathize with “who cares what the world thinks?” streak, but … why isn’t it in play there?)

More stuff later. Maybe.

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