Lately, I've been noticing just how large my collection of toenail clippings has been getting.

Everytime since the age of six that I have clipped my toenail, I have accumulated every bit of my clips and amassed them, according to how aesthetically pleasing they smell, into one of three bags. The first bag containst the toenail clippings which are aesthetically pleasing to the nose. The second one collects those which are indifferent as to how smell-buds go. The third bag, which is by far the largest collection, contains the toenail clippings which smell really bad.

Collecting the toenail clippings has been hard. It is difficult to assimilate them because of how the clippings fly around all over the place when clipped. Organizing them is a lot easier.

One of these days, I will place each individual clipping from my toenail collection for auction at e-bay. Then, it will be a kooky world, indeed.