This is getting absurd.

Every day, President George Bush, spokesperson for Bush Administration, stands behind a platform and in front of a wall of slogans.

Here, spokesperson Bush is introducing the new product "Corporate Responsibility".  Or, maybe Bush Administration is merging with "Corporate Responsibility"?

Okay.  Fine.  It's just the new ad-campaign for a new product that he's trying to introduce.   Now, whenever you think of  Bush Administration, you can't help but think "Corporate Responsibility." ... right?

Just like whenever you think of Worldcom, you from now on are required to think "Moving Forward".


Here's the other major ad-campaign that Bush Administration is selling us stuff with:

"Protecting the Homeland".  The confusing part here is --  why would Bush Administration be trying to echo Hitler Regime's much maligned ad campaign "Protecting the Fatherland" in selling to his stockholders "TIPS" and the overhaul of "Posse Comitatis"?  It's all so confusing.

Okay... that was a little unfair. After all, Bush Administration is about to release the hip new sound "Better America" onto the market.


Can we nip this in the bud before all politicans start doing this, please? are getting sleepy...

Regrettably, I saw Tom Daschle in front of a slogan a month or so after posting this. No nipping of any bud to happen here.

Still, at least I was able to take perverse pleasure in watching this scheme blow up as Box Gate.

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