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Henceforth and from now onward, Newly discovered links will be dumped at the Pinkwater Blog, a blog created for the purpose of allowing me an easy place to drop Pinkwater links.


An image found at ebay of a Pinkwater college art project.

I do not recall if I ever found out how much it sold for.

Speaking of ebay: Preview of An item to come. Call it pre-publishing.

Article on the Cult of Pinkwater

The Hoboken Reporter reviews Looking for Bobowicz


Fresh Aire Interview

Teach the book in your Biology class.

Audio Interview on Talk of the City from out of California.


A Young Person's Guide to The Artsy Smartsy Club, an exercise in Art Appreciation.

Search Engine keywords "Pinkwater" and "blog" bring up the following: How I Discovered Lord Buckley, Yes, Neil Gaiman is a fan,, Alan Mendelsohn is a good book, Potato In A Glove, Words that should never be used again, Life Imitates Pinkwater's Art (note: scroll up an entry), Where I Learned about Yoga.

Letters concerning a commentary on the offing of Morning Edition host Bob Edwards.

Sooo... if anyone has any links not mentioned -- of any interest whatsoever to Pinkwater's place on the Internet -- please email them to overhere. ... I'd appreciate it!

The "" archived material is gone. Disappointing, as there was actually a few interesting tidbits there. Disappointing moreso, as I knew that was coming and I was planning on "eventually" saving the pages (from ... but never got around to it. Bah.


NORB. I'm uploading most of the Sundays... Copyright Infringement Theater.

The Cosmic Baseball Association's 2001 stats. Pinkwater's ERA was a 4.19, with a respectable win-loss record of 12-6. Most impressively, he was second to only Mikhail Glinka in league ERA, tied with Timothy Leary. His 2002 stats are... a bit more disappointing, but it was a bad year for the team (71-91 record.).

From Seattle: Hoboken Chicken Emergency Reviews: Here, here, and here.

Fan fic Featuring Rat, from the Snarkout Boys. I didn't bother to read it, but such stuff is usually bad.

The Afterlife Diet a review. Does "the author probably have a lot of unpublished manuscripts lying around"?

Halayatchkies. Trying to get the word into his fiction, for whatever reason.

Looking through the archvies of google's usenet posts, I'm struck by a couple things. Number one: the wide diversity of usenet boards that have refered to Pinkwater. Pipes, "fat acceptance" societies, Barney haters, conspiracy nuts who think that NPR is evil, a wide array of geeky adolescent clique-sets, and so forth. The other big point to note is just how boring these posts really are. At any rate, I somewhat arbitrarily picked out three that may or may not be of some interest. If I were to shift through these archives again, I would undoubtedly have a different list of three. Here you go: Pinkwater tells fan that he just bought his mother a lousy gaift, and finally Individual wants to know if s/he was just insulted when given a reference to Lizard Music... Hey. I have a couple more links. Okay: The Chicken Man, and the Duck Man???. !"... Never mind about the other ones. ...

Kevin Shapiro, Kevin Shapiro, and Kevin Shapiro. On Usenet.

Copyright Infringement Theater... Just for the heck of it, and as a public service, I typed up and uploaded two pieces Pinkwater did for two awful books. I don't have the 3rd one. ... uploaded from a sketchpad of mine Fish Whistle and The Wild Dada Ducks... read at your own risk.

The (Sort of) Official Daniel Pinkwater Site The end all and be all of Pinkwater's presence on the web. Really. The forum to talk to him, the links, the odditys. In its third edition. (or maybe 4th?)

Listen to the man on NPR... 70-some comments from Pinkwater that can be played on Real-Audio stretching from 1997. Type in "Pinkwater" and push the button. Geez. What more can anyone want, really?

MetaFilter. Seems to be giving this page a whole bunch of hits as of late. More fans' thoughts.

Scott Simon, an interview from 1999 with bits about Pinkwater.

Afterlife Diet Review. "At first I thought that the author hated fat people"?? What the-?

More Orange-related books, and poems inspired by orange-related books.

The Hoboken Chicken Emergencyclopedia Pinkwater's novels tend to overlap in their universes. Space, Time, and the Other comes into clear focus if one reads Pinkwater's books as a set. The Chicken Man. The Snark Theater. Uncle Borgel. Bughouse Square. The Mad Guru. Every aspect of Pinkwater, all mysteriously linked...?Fun to just randomly read letters in full to get the full range on Pinkwater's esoteric idiosyncratic creative energy. (I have no idea what I just wrote meant.) Anyway: you gotta love these obsessive fans!

Xlibris and Pinkwater I always just sort of dismissed this site for my purposes here, but I just took a look at it and noticed something: There's, right here, an excerpt from the very beginning of The Afterlife Diet (though, in my humble opinion that book takes a while to get going), and, better still- a REALLY LONG excerpt from the book collection Chicago Fish Hoboken Whistle. I, of course, have all of this material in book form- (published by real publishers- It's great, though, that Pinkwater has taken it upon himself to re-release these out-of-print books), and much of it in tape form, but... here it is on the freaking internet! Read these, and then buy these. (especially Fish Whistle/Chicago Days...).

Lizard Music- The Musical The Great First Chirldren's novel turned into a spiffy theatrical musical. Hm... well, Hoboken Chicken Emergancy was a made-for-pbs show, so why the heck not? AND a review, of this musical. Pretty fascinating-sounding.

Googlism: What does Google think?

Young Adults excerpt. With clever references.

Commentary on Pinkwater Commentary about Sinead O'Connor.

Fan look at Lizard Music.

Chinwag Theater The Radio Show that Pinkwater has formed for his own self, with co-host Crystal Nebbe -- updated: Scott Simon. further updated: canned. And, how about some auxiliary information about Charity?

Kevin Shapiro Who didn't write a bunch of Kevin Shairo stories at some point during their teen years? (well... actually, the vast majority of the population of Earth didn't, but for those who did...) Everybody's favourite hard-luck 13 year old loser... the story within a story from the greatest of all tragic-comedies- Young Adults... A book that hit me basically at the right time a few years ago...

Kevin Shapiro story. from a fan.

Another Original Kevin Shapiro story obviously written by a junior citizen. Nice to see the cult flourish, though I've always wondered if it weren't for the stories in "Dead End Dada" if this sort of cult of writing Kevin Shapiro stories would exist or not.

The Next Ace Pitcher in the Rotation... It will be interesting to see what this prospect's ERA will be when he gets into the rotation. That's the press-clip, here's the team roster here

Controversial book? Find out what D.P. has to say about people who condemn Lizard Music, of all things.

Pretty interesting "Also Recommended"> page.

The Smithsonian Look around... a half dozen intriguing Pinkwater essays and fascinating replys to the essays.

You used to be able to fill in the blanks for a ratatouille recipie. I am not sure what the purpose of that was, but oh well. AND another Fill in the Blanks. This one is on this list, so you can cheat I suppose.

Okay. A sermon given by some Christian pastor, utilizing a key and memorable Pinkwater essay. Better than my experience where the Priests talk about football.

Publisher's Weekly Article About his "Weekend Edition" Children's Book reviewer job.

5 Novels Review Proving that Pinkwater's audience includes academic intellectuals... A Review of the compilation for Yale University's newspaper... the title bugs me these days.

Salon Magazine A spiffy little Puff Piece.

The D. Manus Pinkwater Pages An Art Student and her tribute to Pinkwater.

FatSo Interview Pinkwater is fat. Thus, a magazine of Fat Pride interviewed him. A very spiffy interview, I might add. And, because I'm somewhat malicious- "Hank's Gab Cafe", Circa 1996, wherein Pinkwater is at his element quipping in a manner everyone does on these sort of online chats. No course of dialouge leads anywhere, and it becomes sickening to read it for some reason- true voyeurism, I suppose.

Snarkout Excerpt All about Barbenders, darneditall.

Fans from all over the globe

Wild Wild Ducks Grape Nuts are yummy.

TalisTalis A Jewish ritual as Pinkwater describes it.

Review and might I add, a very bizarre review of Robert Nifkin. Ugh. Let's hear it for the good folks of Disney for solicitating a review of Robert Nifkin, mixing it up with "These are the days preschoolers experience alphabet envy...", and then ridding themselves of the review. Disny rocks! or something... but alas, the death of

Fan List at Amazon 9 is an arbitrary number, is it not? Um... It's a lot easier when you can just throw the "5 Novels", "4 Novels" and "Chicago Whistle/Hoboken Fish" (for that matter Blue Moose & Return of the Moose) as each being one. My list would not include Wempires or Afterlife Diet, and would include the out-of-print Young Adults and the in=print Robert Nifkin. But that's just me.

And, in the same vein, a review and might I add a very bizarre review of The Snarkout Boys and the Baconburg Horror. (also equally odd reviews of War and Peace and other intriguing books you may have read or passed along as though you had read.)

Blue Dash. Some information about this exciting book.

Boron gel Information about this exciting book.

Afterlife Diet Review.

Harry Potter fan Reviews 5 Novels.

Gaming Role Players play with Pinkwater.

Last Guru. I think I already have this one, but not sure.

Snarkout Boys and Baconburg Horror Review From a 4th grader. Has a slightly different perspective of the book than I did when I first read it, 7th grade, but that's ok.

Car Talk I'm not a fan of Click and Clack, but... here are the transcripts of Pinkwater's presence on that show... all about a dog who vomits or something.

The Internet Public Library Interview ?The kiddies ask Pinkwater important questions. Interview ?actually, a bit of an anti-interview. Classic. Also recommended: a search through Pinkwater's individual books' reader responses. Gain a passing knowledge of Pinkwater's sub-cult.

The Greatest book of All Time,, an excerpt: one of several mistakes made by the Wild Dada (aka: Dharma) Ducks. a bit vulgar, perhaps.

Some Fan's Request for Norb I tend to think that someday I will somehow end up with every major Pinkwater work except for this one... a collection of comic strips he did in 1989 (a strip that was canned after one year). Something of a memoir to always remember Pinkwater's addition to the field of comics... This bulletin board posting is linked basically solely because I want to bring up Norb. Maybe I should scan a few of the Sundays I clipped or something. Yeah. I'll do that.

This Thingy, from something called Slashdot An odd review of 5 Novels, a synopsis of the prototypical (he says "ideal") Pinkwater novel and basic formula (painful to read, actually). Plus, a quiz (?) to take after reading, I guess, so pay attention.

NPR Biography Read and decide for yourself if the story of how Pinkwater became a radio personality is true or not.

Jean Shepherd, from the NY Times comes Pinkwater's homage / obituary. If you're interested and don't feel like getting a NY Times password, there's always the cache. I'll go ahead a create a new page for it.

Pinkwater Licks a sarchophagus Don't remember that one.

Pinkwater is My God An annoying little testimonial of no original substance

Review of Agony and Eggplant from a media specialist.

Interview regarding "Uncle Boris in the Yukon".

Internet cheating. I don't know why someone would want to pay for an essay about The Slaves of Spiegel. I guess the obvious allegory to Greek mythology goes over some reader's heads, and they need... to cheat(?)

Fan Listing. Because there are a million "#1 Fans" out there.

An Interview A Must Read.

Education of Robert Nifkin travels same old ground, Ira Glass is a fan of Ducks, "I'm a Martian".

Plethora of Fan Gushings.

Daniel Pinkwater recommends Mount Analouge and describes the way it inspired him. (Referenced in Lizard Music.)

The Drug Culture and Pinkwater's place in it. Um... don't do that, please.

Hoboken or Bust an article about a Pinkwater-inspired trip to Hoboken, from a George Mason University student alternative paper.

Review of each of the 5 Novels... from "Ex-Libris". The next issue has a less in-depth review of 4 Fantastic Novels...

Borgel show In Canada somewhere or other... it's a dead link.

Appreciation of Daniel Pinkwater found in a Science fiction fan-zine. I wonder how much of what they say is construed.

Alan Mendelsohn Standard Review

Review from Be-Spectacled Vancouver bookseller 5 Novels, again. Perhaps I should bring all of these reviews together.

Alan Mendelsohn Excerpt Yet again... a funky review of 5 Novels that makes me feel intellectually on par with a geeky middle school student. And, Another Alan Mendelsohn excerpt, this one posted by a fan.

Snarkout Excerpt No frills. somewhat longer than usual, actually.

hm. Pednant Phone down a ways some discussion of no note.

Inspiration comes from Desk Inspiration and Perspiration-- what's the difference?

Art Just what exactly is a Pinkwater-ish experience anyways?

A bit of Kevin Shapiro the guy who posted this says of the excerpt, in philosophical terms, "absurdly [captures] a moment of extreme alienation." I can't argue with that... (he also sort of hedges his bets in posting it.) hm. Start with the topic of "Daniel Pinkwater", and go out that-ways and this-ways related-wise and... nothing interesting, really, but an interesting set-up.

Various Inane Bulletin Board Links. (1) Hey! He Looks kinda like Daniel Pinkwater! check out these 3 messages (click "Next Post" two more times). Too bad the photo link doesn't work right. AND MD Pinkwater Was UA Poetry Wars This one has me even more completely confused. I have no idea what they're talking about, and I really doubt that I really want to know. AND Mistaken Identity... Professor Pinkwater of Princeton sets the record straight, within the context of a series of messages that lament the lack of content on the board.

So the question remains:. How many books by Pinkwater are there in the NY Public Library system?

Sandman Annotation actually, that was a pretty good issue. I don't understand why anyone would want to study it so in-depth, though. Somewhere online is an excerpt from Pinkwater that rejects or something the over-rated comic Strangers in Paradise. remnants. I'll hurry up and save these nuggets... Benjamin Franklin, basics, wolf, testestorone... none others seem to have survived.

Where are the Fat Women from Space?. er... I guess it's a patriarchial alien society, isn't it?

Even His Fans Think He's Bizarre Another filler article. It doesn't offer much new insight, but it does offer some new insight. The link's gone, so Last Chance... later.

Internet Movie DataBase Very little, but probably all you want to know, about the Hoboken Chicken Emergency motion picture. And, since it was brought up by some fan in the "Talk to DP Forum", They Might Be Giants, which the Snarkout Boys may or not be a rip-off of.

Pipes Here yet to be published in a book.

Chinwag Theater Article Interesting enough. Some interesting quotes.

Psycho Digest. Okay, from a 1997 e-mail list thingy, the last 3 thingies on this little thing concerns everyone's favourite delusional troubled youth/ Martian: Alan Mendelsohn. I still don't get it, though.

Fish Whistle excerpt. Don't recall which one, though.

Afterlife Diet Review. It's an okay book.

Education of Robert Nifkin excerpt. Amusing.

An Interview. Covering Uncle Boris in the Yukon.

Fat Camp Cammandos reviewed by target demographic.

Wild Dada Duckettes. You knew they had to be there somewhere.

Ugly Bug Band. name stolen from Pinkwater, or so they say.

quick snippet showing that once upon a time, there was in pre-production a Borgel show starring Christopher Lloyd.

At some point in time, WMHT FM 89.1 broadcasted a bunch of Pinkwater.

Dutchess River Valley "About town" on the celebrity in their midst.

Uncle Boris and the Yukon Review from Savannah.

Official Newsletter of the Inuit Sled Dog International. Review of you know what book. (Also off to the side: featured Owners

Approved Pinkwater fanlisting. Okay.

Aunt Lulu versus Elizabeth Brown, Librarians in Literature.

Discussing Pinkwater's width.

Pinkwater was an influence. Or so he says.

self-indulgent and corny. Teriq Aziz was captured!

Fat Camp Cammandos Go West. Review from target demographic.

When I was ten years old, I wrote a feature length screenplay adaptation of "Lizard Music," and I sent it to Daniel Pinkwater, who wrote back a very nice note saying that of the three screenplay adaptations he'd seen of "Lizard Music," he liked mine the best.

The Pinkwater section of this guy's brain Another fan's brief tribute to Pinkwater. Interesting, albeit short.

First Impression Another 5 Novels Review. Not original, but what the heck??

Message Board Thought... all tied mysteriously to the Last Guru. (forget the comment about "Young Person's Kurt Vonnegut", btw.

3rd grade writing class. I hear Pinkwater hates the idea of creative writing classes. I doubt he'd object to this one though, despite its focus on writing like him.
Review Fannish Gushing from the Younger Generation on Lizard Music

Review of a Snarkout Performance well, actually a review of some famous Sci-fi actor or other's bit performance in a Performance of the Snarkout book. For sale HERE, if it's still for sale. Weird. Did they get the copyright permission? Easy Quiz. Just pick the most Pinkwater-ish city, folks.

And, just for the heck of it, another Review.

Snarkout ReviewShort, and I don't get it.

Daniel Pinkwater Stuffed Monkey-Animal? I don't notice the resemblance, to be honest.

Tasty Recipe... you're familiar with his ratatoulie recipie. Now try this tasty dish. Yummy. Actually, funnier than that bit but utterly not Pinkwater-related is a piece on cross-curriculum education a few things up from it.

Halloween Story Several years ago, all the All Things Considered commentators had a round-robin Halloween story. Pinkwater is included in this story, obviously.

Devil in the Drain. 2 items down. From This American Life, Pinkwater reads this book- available on Real Audio. And if that's not enough- Well, actually that is enough.

Fan's Story behind blurb Read it. It's moderately interesting, I think.

Pinkwater inspires an Internet Handle.

Obvious reply to a reply about a commentary Pinkwater gave a few years ago about Ross Perot being a Martian. This is a funny one.

Incidentally Pinkwater infests a dream.

Academic Treatsie which touches on Alan Mendelsohn in the broad scope of adolescent angst in adolescent literature. I don't know. Actually, you should skip over this one... There's another one floating in cyberspace, but I forgot the link

The World Owes Me A Living. Why? Because I'm Short!

Lesson Plan Involving The Big Orange Splot.

Dedicated to Daniel Pinkwater. Why? Because then it'll receive some hits!

Brief review of Robert Nifkin... a typical take to it.

Lizard Music the Song the lyrics to some obscure band's tribute to the book. AND, how about some more lyrics posted right HERE from a song from a different obscure band? Much... um... simplier lyrics.

Borgel Review, with an interesting cover and a German attitude.

Want to do some work for very little purpose? Borgel the Muppet Very little information about Borgel's relationship to the Muppets, and to get it you have to enter "Borgel" or "Pinkwater" into the search device... um. AND then there's Worms of Kukumlima Reviewed in Issue No. 2 of Worm Digest. Too bad it's not actually online, though. AND, Todd Show appearance, with absolutely no information other than that he appeared on the Todd Show. And, since it fits this theme of pointlessness This Information!

The Golden Duck Awards Actually, a lesson plan idea for the book Lizard Music. Very Amusing. I have several comments to this: the grade level always seems too high- but here both the low- and high-end seem kinda ridiculous (of course, I'm past both, and I still love the book, so...). I did not notice the issue of "Being Different" addressed in the book. And, as for censorship issues: heh heh, he said "boobs." Anyway, recommended.

Lizard Music domain. Whether the name came from the famed book I do not know.

Dog Book I link this only because reading this (essentially ad) was interesting. Pinkwater has a contribution in it. BTW: Pinkwater has contributed to the "highbrow" dog-magazine The Bark. I'm not much of a dog-guy myself, but if you're into it that's your business.

Independant Book-Seller fan takes Pinkwater to task.

5 Novels Review Don't recognize that cover. "The Sum is greater than its parts".

Writer's Forum: How to write Humour. Pinkwater is referenced.

"Ad Campaign, for Ford Motors, and the Chiropractor's reaction. Trust me, Pinkwater is thrown in the mix!.

Letter toward Daniel Pinkwater regarding comments.

In the next building was a character named Manus Pinkwater... a brief sentence in the obituary of Robert Palmer.

A little interesting, Comments concerning commentary found in a fat publication of, um, not marketed toward children, okay?

Grammer Analyze the grammer of this Pinkwater commentary, please.

Okay, linked just to point out something a bit odd: The kids have picked up on Pinkwater's subtle humour? Did I miss something there?

Snarkout Something or other. Hm.

Pantheon of Idols. I like lists. Pinkwater, and a description with nothing you don't know by now, is located here- alongside other giants.

Discussion well, not. But it could be.

Honorary Moosdeom. Pinkwater must be so proud.

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