those interested in more, albeit very little more, on the topic of numerical alterations (as well as calendar year alterations) can check out THIS!... though, I must say: anyone who disagrees with this pronouncement can shove something up their butt!!


It was a few years ago when I first learned the secrets of reality. It seems that mankind has impeded its natural development by sticking to the status quo in regards to something fundamentally simple, yet profoundly beautiful. We, as humans, are creatures of habit, and thus rarely make big leaps in evolution- even if they are beneficial. We hamper ourselves that way. Our thought-process is ingrained in us without us realizing the consequences of those actions that are derived from these thoughts.

I heard about it on NPR, I do believe, when they discussed this esoteric topic. It seems that our numerical system is based on ten. The only reason for this to be so is because we happen to have ten fingers, and our caveman ancestroy happened to count each digit as a number-- it was the start of civilization, and 10 fingers was what EVERY ONE had in common.

Oh, how much better civilization would be if our caveman ancestory had simply applied an additional value to the 5 fingers together- forming a fist, perhaps. Digit #6 and Digit #12. That move would display just as much logic as not-- the only reason we- as mankind- don't see it that way is because we have been ingrained with the "5 fingers on each hand" theory.

But, they lacked the foresight of such a move- and thus we have yet to master the innovations of time-travel, MP5s, nutritious Cola drinks, and the like.

And trust me-- if our caveman ancestors had- we would all those things and more. Why? Well- Mathematically, the number 10 only has 2 factors- 2 and 5. Thus, most people can easily manufacture products in their head with 5s and 2s and 10s, but can't with other numbers. As a result, our mental landscape and computational skills- and as a result of that our human abilities- are severely restricted. If we had the number 12 to base all things on- we could readily deal with 2s, 3s, 4s, 6s, and 12s,- and 8s, and 9s. Also, the state of nature- such as our calendar of roughly 365 days or 12 times 3 times 2 times 5 plus 5- tends to be more in synch with 12 than 10. Soooo, whole new vistas of human accomplishment would open up. The equation E=MCsquared would have been discovered by some Ancient Greek guy named Eulipides. The Internet would actually be a useful device for most users, not a frivulous time-waster. There would be no really bad pop music, or if there were the really bad pop music would have at least possess some redeeming quality of some sort.. Society would be at least 10,000 years more advanced then it is now.

And, thus, we would be prepared for the upcoming atomic war. Or, perhaps, we would have destroyed ourselves long ago. Who knows? Who cares?

At the base, the United States- the nation that I herald from- would finally have a reason to not support the metric system- I mean, why should we measure everything based on the number 10 when we think in terms of twelve?

(yeah, I know, in reality in this bizarre Alter-Reality, the metric system would be based on 12- but I'm pretty sure I lost most readers, who got sick of such an odd topic and fruity logic, around paragraph 3 or 4.)

It's probably too late to change though. We are stuck with this hampering little thought-process, unable to escape it. It has manifested itself too deeply around society. We can't go back- or at least I doubt we can go back and change things.

Or maybe, we can affect change. I am going to join the cause to alter the numerical system. Maybe if we alter the numerical system- we can open up those closed-up vistas and uncloud our mind- move ourselves toward the elusive Golden Age which we have never experienced.

When that happens, who knows what wonders mankind will enjoy? You see-- I am an optimist. We can change everything for the better- our problems will be solved with one simple change.

You know what that change is. We need grass-roots action. Start using 2 more digits when speaking to other people- maybe beyond ten the numbers delph and alzart. And the numbers delphi (as in delphi times alzart) and alzarti (you should know this one!) Maybe the use of these strange new numbers will penetrate into everyone's psyche- and they will start using it to the point where what we use now becomes obsolete.

Or maybe everyone will just think you're a nutjob.

But whichever, for the sake of humanity and the advancement of civilization:  It will and IT MUST happen.

uh, actually I- and whoever the hell that eccentric nutso I heard interviewed a few years ago- is full of it.