What the World Needs Now Is More Grout...

I attend a university with a student body that is, um, well... not campus-life oriented. There is no "Big Man On Campus". I can attend the school at the same time as person X and not share some of the same experiences.

So our shared experiences of College life come from the most unusual spots. Most notably, for the male students on campus: the Grout Graffiti.

Somebody, at some point in the past, evidentally took it upon himself to write in the tiny grouts in the tiles of the male restrooms every conceivable grout pun. And, as these are cleared out and scrubbed, they simply resurface in the same handwriting.

Any expression with the word "Great" is automatically replaced with "Grout". Any expression with a word that rhymes with "Out" is replaced with "Grout". ("Grout It Out!")

IN TINY LETTERING IN EVERY DANGED GROUT. (in whatever restrooms are available.)

I don't know whether this should be celebrated or condemned. Whether whoever did this originally is a hero or an idiot. I don't know the point.

But it's part of the mystique of this vaulted university. Female students make it a point to find their way into one of the male restrooms at some point during their college careers to witness it. It's a monument to the great art of time-wasting. A stupid art project that just got out of hand.

And is apparently not limited to this university. 'Tis everywhere, actually. Look for it.