The dream suddenly became Lucid. There had been nothing to recommend it... a wide assortment of surreal images and various dream-logic scenarios. But... God appeared suddenly. And at that point my dream-self broke the fourth wall.

My sub-concious dream self asked the question, "Why does God always appear with three eyes in my dreams?" ... and right there the merger with my concious-self happened.

A funny question. I'm not altogether sure that that's true... which may mean that my concious-self wasn't a full partner with my sub-concious self. My concious-self cannot think of too many moments when the manifestation of God appeared in my dream at all (except perhaps in the pantheistic sense) let alone with three eyes.

But the image of God with three eyes... where did that come from? In lieu of a Fruedian explanation, I have the idea that it comes from a mental-gyration experiment I've had. Take the old saying "In a world of one-eyed men, the two-eyed man is King." Okay? Now, the logical extension of that would be that in the world of two eyed-men, the three-eyed man is king. Correct?

Which moves straight into a rebuttal for the Creationist / Intelligent Design-Science argument that God has to exist because... well... evyerything in the human body is so-perfectly well-designed. Well... no, not really. Because three eyes would serve humanity better than two eyes, correct?

So... a more-well designed entity, a higher-power if you will, would have three eyes. Hence, God has three eyes.

But neither of my selves particularly enjoyed the dream we were having, so we aborted it and changed the subject. We concocted a more linear dream: a story with a beginning, middle, and end.

I don't remember it, though. Though I do remember that we didn't like this one either, so I just said "I think I'll just wake up now." Unfortunately, a song was playing that I wanted to hear. The song doesn't exist in the real world, but I must say... it was a catchy song. "A quarter of -- (Nebulous bittersweet emotion)", or some such title. I didn't get to hear the entire song, because I had declared that I was going to "just wake up", so my concious self...

... was unsatisfied at the start of the day.

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