They call themselves the Biotic Baking Brigade..they're Marxist anti-capitalists. Or thereabouts.

Their crusade? To tell the world about our destruction. To question corporate dominance. To rid the world of the the WTO, Bill Gates, and the like- and those proporting to be in their cause that sell the cause out.

Their action is to get into conferences and public meetings with their enemy, come into close proximity with their enemy, and then to smear pie in the face of their enemy.

Their role models are the Anarchists of olde. The court jesters who smeared pies in the royal's faces. And, probably, early twentieth century performance art by the irresponsible bohemians, and those classic physical comedians in the Charlie Chaplin mode.

If you want to join the BBB, just bake a pie and stick it in the face of your least-favourite capitalist. Heck-- Why stop there? In the interest of non-violent, but highly illegal, protest- go after any evil you know of. If your particular idealogy is to hate the government instead of the corporations- stick it in the face of your dreaded beauracrat. Or military officer. Or, if you despise people in general, go and stick it in the face of people in general.

But only if you have a method to your madness. And if you can justify it. Otherwise, you can't call yourself a crusader for a cause, Can you?

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