Since 1932, the Pennyslvania Bean Company has been producing and marketing some of the world's finest beans. Using beans grown in the Caribbean, the Pennyslavania Bean Company prides itself on the wide diversity of products offered, and of the high quality of the beans themselves.

The Pennyslvania Bean Company came into existence during the Great Depression, when the down-trodden populace started seeking a way to eat as cheaply as possible. The wise entrepeneur, James MacHav, realized that even during those struggling times, there was a clientelle-base. He had a dream, and a mission: to mass- market beans and get them in every hobo-camp in the nation.

As the years went by, and the target market for the Pennyslvania Bean Company vanished due to more psoperous times, MacHav expanded his empire and tried marketing some beans as "fine cuisine" to a more upscale market. Unfortunetly, before he could bring his dream into the reality of the scale that he wanted (only a few hundred of these new beans were sold), he died. His son, Bruce MacHav, took over the Pennyslvania Bean Company, but did not have the same vision as his father. He chose the cheapest beans, and then hired some of the worst manufacturers. As a result, the Pennyslvania Bean Company languished and nearly went bankrupt.

But, a new energy and commitment to excellence has crept into the Pennyslvania Bean Company since 1992, when a small group staged a hostile leveraged buy-out of the company. Since then, the Pennyslvania Bean has selected only the finest bean-growers, and only the choiciest producers. In December 1999, the Pennyslvania Bean Company will start to offer the more-upscale beans that was oh-so part of James MacHav's vision. We will be offering a limited time- sale of the unsold upscale bean product straight from the early 1950s.

However, we will not be abandoning our roots. We will still carry our unique line of hobo-beans.

In commemoration of James MacHav, a new museum will be opened right across the street from our factory in Lexington, Pennyslvania. It will focus on one of our true national treasures: his many visions of the future, his love of beans, his controversial methods, and the strange circumstances of how he got to be dead.

Yes, the future looks bright for beans, and the Pennyslvania Bean Company will be right on the fore-front, delivering serving after serving of delicious beans...

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