Pier 59 09/25/02 01:09 PM

This is the 201st (non-consecutive) day of Horizon shots. My goodness, this guy has too much time on his hands.

The Washington State Department of Ecology has arial photos of Washington state's entire 2,500 miles of coastline posted on their website. (Link lifted from Everything Burns.)

The three piers in this photo are, left to right, Seattle piers #62/63, 59, and 57 - where I've taken most of the Horizon photos. There's a fleet of school buses parked on Alaskan Way - likely a large scale field trip to the Seattle Aquarium on Pier 59. The photo is 9 years old, in the last couple of years the parking lots across from Pier 62/63 have been replaced by a block of lego-style condo buildings.

The masts of the boats at the dock in the photo 10 steps to the north of the previous one can be seen at the very right edge of many of my horizon photos, including today's (barely).

The cabin on Orcas Island where I took the June 24 - June 27 photos were taken from is here.