Pier 62/63 04/06/04 03:33 PM

I take it back. It was a pretty nice day out today.

I'm less likely to visit the waterfront on a day when the weather is rough than when I was taking a more disciplined approach to gathering Horizon photos. Any sampling of photos from after July 5, 2003 will be less representative of the different weather conditions than any group from before then.

Speaking of July... The guide on a harbor tour I took on Saturday solved a little puzzler I was trying to figure out last summer. For a few days in July there was a ship anchored out in Elliot Bay with three huge cranes - the type that they have down at the cargo terminals - coming up off the deck. It turns out they're a set of cranes that were delivered, fully assembled, from a factory in Japan to the cargo terminals at pier 46. It turns out that they're not just huge container cranes, they're the hugest container cranes.