Pier 57 02/10/03 12:35 PM

Ducks. (See also January 31 and February 3.) The ducks are afraid of me. They turn and swim away as soon as I get up to the edge of the pier. Sometimes they even do the nervous flappy thing where they kind of half-fly except their wings are slapping against the surface of the water. I swear I'm not doing anything to scare them. I just show up and they all turn away.

The finalists for the first Photobloggies have been posted. Voting is open through February 21.

Now & Then, a column in The Seattle Times' Sunday magazine section juxtaposes a historical photo against a modern photo taken at the same location. The Times site doesn't have a way to quickly navigate from one column to the next, but a pretty complete index of past columns can be built with this Google search.