men behaving …

Yeah, the second allegation — Al Franken grabs woman (Minnesota state legislator) in the ass — throws my  forgiving of his USO tour shenanigans — into the dumpster, and now there’s something troubling.  Perhaps not Charlie Rose troubling… yet.

What I’m struck by with this act of transgressive humor — he committed the incriminating photograph pose in 2006 — at a moment when he was moving toward his 2008 Senate run, and failing that surely by now a voice of Democratic Party hackdom.  Joining the ranks of, oh, (bemusing ain’t it?) Joe Barton in terms of lack of discretion and leaving one vulnerable.  He knew enough to become “serious” — so he’d know enough to put it in the past.  But then again, maybe he figured he already had himself running around infantilized and in a diaper for comedic effect, so the deed was already done.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, from more standard political corruption, Senator Bob Menendez’s trial ends in a divided jury, and I’m struck by this nugget of information.  Bob Torricelli was eyeing a Senate bid if Menendez fell, but upon the hung jury, the whole of the Democratic Party of New Jersey stands by Menendez… including one time disgraced Senator Bob Torricelli.  I suppose you don’t expect New Jersey to do anything but produce corrupt political figures, and … well, I guess the man wasn’t convicted, but of this is born the “Drain the Swamp” mantra.

Of course, the problem is the closest thing to a “Mr. Smith” in the Senate is… um… your Al Frankens.  And that’s a little stunted, isn’t it?

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