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trimet safety slogan suggestions

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

trimetsafetydeathmetaltrimetloldoa  And in case Tri Met wants to expand beyond these two public transit safety slogans…

Don’t Let Christian Rock Unite You With Christ

Don’t Let ROTFLMAO become ROTPMAISFO  (rolling on the pavement; my ass is falling off)

Don’t Let Death Cab for Cutie become an actual Death Cab for Cutie.

Don’t Let your Bitcoin transaction smash you into bits.

Don’t Let OMG become OHG (Oh, Hi God)

Don’t Let YOLO become YARN (You are reincarnated now)

Don’t Let Angry Birds become Scavenging Your Remains Birds.

Don’t Let Grumpy Cat Become Grumpy because you’re missing a limb cat.

Don’t Let your illicit snuff porn viewing become someone else’s illicit snuff porn viewing.

And, etc.

graffiti puzzling to me

Sunday, June 1st, 2014

I spot some graffiti on the boxes for the free meager newspaper thingy “The Portland Tribune” — a paper I ignore, which if you go take a look at the website you’ll get that “Small Town News” feel of, like, high school spelling bee champions and whatever.  The editorial slant is, I suppose, small version of conservative — it’s no WW or Merc.

But the graffiti is against that spectre of “Zionism”.

Not looking into this publication or what’s in it, is there a reason for this?  Did they take a hardline editorial for Israel?  Or are they upset to hear about this?

Update: I saw one on a Willamette Week box.  “Israel Did 9/11”.  Okay, yes, it’s that lame.