Wait. Obama is protecting the CIA? And –?


Of the 11 people in American history who have been charged with espionage for leaking classified information, eight of them have been charged under Obama, who ran for president in 2008 vowing to restore our civil liberties after the abuses of the Bush Administration.

Risen’s story didn’t jeopardize national security; it just embarrassed the CIA.

The logic for the CIA is that the two are the same.  Getting back to the initial question in this story…

Why is President Obama’s Justice Department threatening a Pulitzer Prize-wining New York Times reporter with jail over a story that embarrassed the CIA during the George W. Bush administration?

Because Obama is not your friend on this one?

Incidentally, this same issue of In These Times features a curious article from Michael Atkinson, “Waiting for Anyone But Superman” which manages to make the claim that “like it or not”, what with our superhero blockbuster movies, the twentieth century has our culture worshiping superheroes of the X-Men and Iron Man in the same way that Ancient Greeks worshiped all those gods, and all I can say to that is… That’s an insane comparison.

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