odd analysis as Steve Stockman bids adieu

Hm, indeed.

Stockman, who entered office in 2013, has become known for his political stunts. Last year, he invited Ted Nugent as his guest to the State of the Union address. Later in 2013, he invited an Obama-mocking rodeo clown to perform in his home state.

Validating Ted Nugent is a “stunt”, relatively disqualifying and disagreeable.  And yet, the Republican candidate for governor and more than likely the next governor of Texas … er… campaigned with Ted NugentProudly.  Who said some horribly racist things.  And is basically dippity all around

And somehow didn’t lose the nomination.

There is an annoying “what the hell” when someone as benign as Usher coming to the White House gets bloviating nonsense in the rightwingsphere…


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